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Came out with a breakout hack idea called black hole


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One of my teachers who has a physics degree explained hawkins theory to me in lamans terms. For some reason after hearing that I came up for an idea to hack break out. In this game instead of trying to bust out a brick with a ball, your mission is defend the bricks from the ball. Here how the game works. One of the bricks from the wall will turn into a ball. On the bottom part of the screen is a wall with an opening. The ball wiil bounce of this wall. Your job is to not let the ball hit the bricks again and to get the ball out through the opening in the wall. If the ball does hit the bricks it will explode and kill your guy. The bar of the game will have to be raised so people will have enough time to react to the ball hitting the wall. Also as one ball has left through the hole in the wall the next brick will then turn into a ball as well. But this time the ball is going at a slightly faster rater. As each brick become a ball, your ball becomes a little faster each time until the last brick when the ball is going really fast. You clear the level when all bricks have become balls and have escaped through the black hole. During the seond level everything is the same except the bottom part of the wall his moving back and forth. What cool about this came is you can say that it was inspired by Stephen Hawkings theory of black holes. :D :cool: :D :cool:

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