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atari force comic

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I have an atari force comic book at the house. I've haven't checked it out in a while. I think I have issue 2. I was just wondering if anyone had a clue on the value of it, and any cool web resources on it like scans and stuff of other issues. Thanks in advance.



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Originally posted by ATARIPITBULL:

Yes, there are 5 small comic books that came with atari games and there are about 22 full size comic books that continue the story line of the 5 small ones.


i wonder what no. 22 should be ????



i have:


Atari force, small edition, vol 1-5 complete (from atari boxes)


Atari force, large DC edition, vol 1-20 complete

Atari force, special edition, signed by marshall rogers (inker)

The new teen titans by DC comix, featuring 16-page special atari-force preview


Atari force, dutch double-edition, vol 1-10 complete

Atari force, Omnibus with all 20 dutch stories


Atari force, french edition, vol 1 / 2 / 9 (from 13)


plus two ads for the series from usa.


my friend jens even has some original artwork that you can check out at www.gamereset.de


is there any other know issues besides the french & dutch adaptations?


also if anybody got some for trade, i still need a no. 4.


besides that, i have a full set of the 20 DC comics + the special edition for trade or sale ...

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