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Atari 2600 Video Game System (cheap ;))


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Sounds like it's a 5200, given that the seller describes it as a "Superstation" (and Atari called it the "Supersystem"). Still, who sets up an auction like this with such a ridiculous opening bid without any pictures or additional info? And this seller doesn't even have any feedback! I noticed he did include his address and phone number in the payment info box.



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I would hope that most people would just take 2 minutes and look at it close. First

the price is outrageous so that should be Strike One. The sellers name with Gothic in it should be Strike Two(Wierd?). And the Third Strike is 0 feedback. And just in case you think Strike Two Gothic was a bit outside, his description and no picture tell you keep your fingers closing your nose if you even get close to this one. "IT STINKS"

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