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Building the new Gameroom!

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Now we have a time frame! Construction begins on Nov.6th and will wrap up 2-3 weeks later, we signed the contract the other night. The contractor is doing almost everything so once they're done its just a matter of me deciding what goes over the new subfloor (if anybody has any flooring ideas I'm all ears). I'm really psyched for this project, finally a gameroom with proper electrical outlets! Of course this gameroom isnt just for me, it has to be set up with the small ones in mind too. Because its an attic space it will have 4ft kneewalls and sloping ceilings on two sides so that limits my massive bookshelf style a bit. So yeah it might not be the 100% pure game collection feast for the eyeballs that my previous gamerooms were but will have a ton more space and its own porch for our smoking guests.


I will post pictures and updates over the next couple of weeks. This puts us in a very, very good position to have a December trademeet! I cant wait to have all of you over!

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Well after a 1-day delay (lumber issues) we're off and running, today was noisey and somewhat dramatic. They've begun laying the subfloor and framing the knee-walls and strapping. You can see from these pics a sort of before and after



Those are dust particles in the air, I had recently swept up. The big pipe is whats called a soil stack, it will be enclosed in the final build, the chimney will be left as is.


For scale the framed wall is 4ft high and the room is 36ft long and 14ft wide (between the knee walls). The framed opening you see is one of four mini-closet doors, I'll be storing all my tradebait and stuff behind the small walls.


Next up they take down those beams going across the ceiling (collar ties) and replace them with heavier ones to hold up the ceiling. By weeks end the electric work should be tied in and ready for the "closing of the walls" next week, if all goes well! Today there was something of a major headache as the subfloor work screwed up the wire to my thermostat and had the furnace going full blast! Hopefully that can be fixed without much fuss and its on to the next unexpected issue. I've learned a lot about this house - its 100 years of crazy DIY work just waiting to go bust on me!


Stayed tuned, I'll update this daily if developments warrent.

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Moving right along, the parade of trades continues as the walls take on the shape of the room to come




So the builders prevailed upon me to enclose the chimney, gotta trust they know more than me on these things. They've also got me bringing cable and phone up there and now my wife wants another window... hoo boy. Things always look cooler in black and white, theres Lauren ghosting around for more ways to "bring in natural light". As you can see the frame, collar tie and strap work is complete, including the half wall around the stairs.




So as of late friday the electrical wire work and light fixtures went in and the big cotton candy batts and rolls of insulation are waiting to go. Of course the juice is off until the walls are closed up so its too dark for me to get a good shot right now. Its funny how having the electrical work done up to code feels like a luxury. I've been living in old Boston apts for so long any room with more than 2 outlets (or as they say "recepticles") seems over the top, I'm like "Wow it even has that third hole on the outlet".


Remember the thermostat troubles, well anyways now we've left the broken wire in the floor and brought up a new one via the pipe chase, this meant moving the thermostat and exposing the freaky guts of my walls behind it...




Forget the Edison Era wires and check out them pubes, that folks is genuine horsehair plaster!

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Horsehair plaster was used up until WWII, my house is circa 1920. They tack little strips of wood to the wall joists and then slather the hair and plaster over it. Its strong and nicer looking than drywall unless you have a hole, then its a mess. Its treated with lime and makes this talc that gets everywhere. Thankfully I havent encountered any rats nests so far. The gameroom will be hair free, its gonna be a lovely skim coated blueboard.

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My house growing up had (and still has in some places) horsehair plaster. My parents house was built in 1825 and it was funny seeing all the different constuctions methods used in different parts of the house. The oldest part of the house was put together with wooden beams and wooden pegs.

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As time goes by...


I think theres an unwritten rule that your contractor will overextend themselves and disappear for awhile, thats what happened to us for 4-5 days of limbo. We'd be lucky to get a guy out to measure things, ughh, so I raised a little hell and got em back on task.


Heres the more or less completed (and inspected) wiring job, the insulation rolls lie in wait.


You can see the blue boxes where outlets and such will go, even the storage closets have their own lights. Its a little hard to see but I'm pretty proud of the 6 "can" recessed lights, cause it'll look ohh so cool with the dimmer switch.


This morning was the one I've been nervous about from the get-go, today was the boom-truck. In order to get the big 8x4 pieces of sheetrock up to the attic they took out a 3rd floor window and lifted it up from the curb. Thankfully all went well and the floor didnt cave in. Man was I biting my nails, the neighbors came out to look.



So things are moving along, as I type they're up there hanging the insulation. It has occured to me that while a Dec. meet is still possible it might not be advisable since people tend to be really busy with holiday stuff. In order to have the best possible turn out I might wait til new year.

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I dunno why they call it blueboard, its light absorbing gray in fact. Here we go, all insulated and nearly drywalled in, its hard to imagine now what it will look like clad in smooth white plaster.


What will this week bring? With any luck it'll be so close to the end I can start considering the carpeting job.

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