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Curt Vendel IS Atari

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I have been an avid Atari user since the mid 80's. When Atari's computer and then game hardware divisions went by the wayside in the 90's, I was extremely disappointed. Here we are, 10+ years later and I see nearly as much activity in the Atari retro market as I remember when I use to go to the local Federated store and buy my next Atari hardware or software product. Imagine my suprise when I walked into a Walmart and saw this cool little game system with Atari's name plastered all over the box. Atari Flashback. How cool was that??? I bought 2. I then noticed that the Flashback 2 was also available with twice the games and a cool 2600 look. I must be in heaven. 2 NEW Atari hardware products!!! Then I found out how the FB2 could be hacked with an actual 2600 cartridge port to play all the original games. Wow!! Not only new Atari products but ones that could be modded by us hardware freaks. Just like the old days!! It all fell into place when I learned that Curt had designed the FB2. Go figure. I have followed Curt's involvement in the Atari world for some time. I frequent his Atari History website for info and technical knowledge on all Atari hardware, computer and game machines alike, as I own a good portion of all of it. The Flashback was good, and fun, but the FB2 took it all to a new level. Real Atari hardware on a chip, real Atari joysticks, real Atari games, and hackable. When I learned Curt designed the FB2 I thought to myself, of course!! Who other than Curt would know what would make the Atari lovers, new and old, want to go and buy this cool piece of hardware. He not only designed something recognizable and fun, he designed something truly Atari. Only Curt would know to make this cool little piece of hardware hackable, since the hardcore Atari lovers out there are all about modding and hacking their beloved Atari systems. Talk about a trip down memory lane while adding a cartridge port to the FB2.


There has been a lot of talk recently about the Flaskback 3, its possible specs, and whether or not it will be produced. It is well known that Atari is not presently in a great position. From what I have seen so far about the FB3, it would be one of the best things to hit the market in many years. Retro gaming is at an all time high. Everyone is finding the pure fun in the games of old. Not flashy but just plain fun. Games that were more about gameplay and not how cool the graphics were.


I probably speak for a huge number of people who frequent this site, make the Flashback 3 happen and make sure that Curt is the man who makes it happen. There is a huge market for a system that takes the FB2 to the next level. Plus, Curt will make sure that it will be truly Atari and not a cheap knockoff. It will be fun. It will be solid. And, most of all, it will be hackable. It will be what all current Atari users will be proud to add to their collection. I know I will.


Flashback 1 - 2

Flashback 2 - 5 (2 hacked)

Flashback 3 - being a child of the Atari 8 bit world, if available, you can be assured I will own quite a few.


Flashback 3 and Curt Vendel..........STILL Power Without the Price!!! BRING IT ON!!!





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