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[IDEA] Serial fake catridge...


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I was wondering if it was possibel to open up a game catridge and then desolder the chip and then cut up a serial cable and solder the wires where the chip legs would be and then write a prog that emulates the chip using a rom/.BIN file and then play the game on your atari???


BTW dont say to me that i can try it myself cause i dont have the programming skills or the knowledge to do it!

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ahrm not to be rude or something but aint there a freakin person in this forum that can answer my qestion???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Atari 2600 needs to be able to fetch 1.19 megabytes per second from the cartridge continuously. No PC serial port can even come close. USB 2.0 has adequate average data capacity, but sends data in bursts.


For the PC to upload code to the 2600, it's necessary to have a cart with enough memory to hold all the code, plus a means of having the PC put code into that memory. Devices like the Cuttle Cart and Krokodile Cart exist to do this, but they aren't exactly cheap.

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It may be possible with a 4k SRAM or EEPROM and serial support chips (or easier to use parallel support) to write 2k/4k games. Larger games requires bankswitching and it'd complicate things if you want a quick and simple.


Plus you'd need to devise battery backed SRAM if you go with SRAM since 2600 doesn't like running a blank cart while powered up and there's no way to reboot 2600 without shutting it off. And EEPROM doesn't need batteries and with the right setup, you could quickly erase it before writing new data. You will defiantly need a second connector since the 2600 cart connector doesn't have anything for write enable or erase.

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