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Never Had Enter Any Label Contest.


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Many of you had PM me for some days asking me in 'Why I had not enter Medieval Mayhem, or for that mater any label contest" well theres a resion why from day one when I join here I had yet to enter ANY becuase of FEAR.. Not before of fear from any of you guy hating my art but fear from my self IN hating my wn art, saying to my self this dont look good or what ever I say to my self. Plus I like to do label art for fun and not very good in getting my self into a contest mode. SO what Im saying is that I may never enter any contest but who knows. :(

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There's a difference between exactly imitating a particular company's label design and doing an original design in the style of early '80s graphic design in general, and early '80s video game art in particular. I agree with galaxy warrior that it just feels right to me for homebrew labels to look like '80s graphic design. Not necessarily like an Atari or Activision or Imagic label. But there are certain modern conventions in graphic design (mainly, things that have become easy -- or at least possible -- with the tools provided in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. that didn't exist back then), fonts, layouts, etc. that I see on a lot of homebrew labels (including winning ones) that just feel anachronistic.


I realize this is purely a matter of taste. The games are for an '80s system, and the games themselves (on screen) LOOK '80s-ish, inevitably, so in my mind the labels should reflect that. But on the other hand, the games are being made TODAY, essentially using a hybrid of modern technology and '80s technology, so the labels might as well look modern too. (Or so someone might reason...)

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If you check the Label Variations guide, you'll see that each company that produced games had their own style(s) of label. SpiceWare isn't Atari, so having a label that made it look like Atari wrote the game wasn't one of the criteria in my selection.


i wasnt referring to you personally. its just something ive noticed overtime. and yes lots of companies made different labels but still within art stylings of the time period (being then and all :D ) the labels that end up on home brew games and hacks mostly having new style graffics which dont allow them to fit into a collection well. but this is just one mans opinion :) for your game you picked what you liked best.

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AtariBoy, did I ever mention that you're one of the best artists I know? ;)


Part of becoming confident in your work is accepting some flaws. Absolutely no one does a perfect job. If it seems like they do, it's just because they're good at hiding the flaws. (What separates a professional from agifted amatuer? 3 coats of polish and a wax. :P) The only way you're going to get there is by trying. So give it a go!


If you're looking for something to start with, I bet you'd do great at making some "Boycott Sony!" web buttons. :ponder: :D :lol:

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