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Raiders Lost Ark


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Someone has search this variantion. Sorry I don't know who was it, so I post it here. I have search old posted and have nothing found. So I hope that he maybe find it as first and will buy it.

If not then I watch out for the next one, and when he reply here, I will send him next time a private message.


Atari 2600 RAIDERS OF LOST ARK Multiship

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Well... I asked. But I decided to take a chance so I bought it with Buy It Now.


We'll see what we get. Either way I will be happy, because the only copy of the game I have came with a smashed cartridge so I had to transplant the ROM into one of my extra copies of Combat!

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Yes, you will be getting the rarer RAIDERS LOST ARK Version


The last 2 or 3 of these that I had noone even cared about, I think this variation looks a LOT better than the normal carts, but they usually end up selling the same, I'm glad someone who cares about it got this one!!!

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Well, sorry MattyXB for sweeping in on this one. If I ever find anything special like this, I'll be sure to let you know.


Oh... there IS a copy of Quadrun with instructions up on eBay now. But you might need a second mortgage to cover it!


(Buy it now is at $1500!)

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I think this is the version with RAIDERS LOST ARK on the small lable. Because the picture has the better Raiders of the Lost Ark Logo. I now only this with the small Lable.

Maybe the picture is wrong, but I don't think so. But better ask before you bid. But I think this is the rarer version.

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