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Rubik's Cube with instructions on eBay

Room 34

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Ha! I win... only $2 off the mark! (Unless we're playing by Price is Right rules... too bad no one guessed $1!)


Yeah, big deal, I get to brag that I guessed what it would go for. Just give me this small victory... I was sure until 3 hours before it closed that I was going to sneak away with the auction for $6.50!

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Par for the course so far with me...was bidding on some wonderfully minty boxed games and was outbid with 13 seconds left, entered in a higher bid, and then was outbid with 2 seconds left...three consecutive times.




However, I'm not really mad...I've gotten some fantastic stuff in the last two weeks. I shant complain much...







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Originally posted by Bez:

Ha, I was pretty close too, eh, wasn´t I?


Not a bad guess. Joshk is the big overachiever in this group!


Hey joshk... I have a SUPER-RARE "Combat" cartridge I'll sell you for $50! (Heh heh heh...)

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