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Shameless plug: Atari 2600/Intellivision games for sale!

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(Admins feel free to kill this post if this sort of thing is discouraged!)


Hi all!


I just wanted to put in a plug for my current set of eBay auctions!




I have accumulated some duplicates and I'm selling them off! Nothing too rare... the best is probably a mint condition Crystal Castles with the "no copyright" label. But there's some good stuff in there for people just starting a collection. I have mostly Atari 2600 carts up, but a few Intellivision games as well.


I am not a big-time eBay seller, so to sweeten the deal on these auctions, I have personally cleaned and tested every game and I am providing a money-back guarantee on them.


If you're new to collecting and want to expand your collection with some commons at a good price, check 'em out!



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