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Flashback 2 on pal TV?

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I dont think so. Im extremely doubtful about the FB2 will work since all of them (there might be a prototype PAL Fb2 at Atari) currently are designed for NTSC televisions. Several months ago I started a petition to make a Pal FB2 because its not really fair for you guys in europe not to get in on the new atari action. Although I have heard that if you mod your FB2 to play 2600 games it could play PAL games, but im not for sure about this.

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I know there is a PAL version of at least one of the new games *cough* RtHH *cough* ... that was intended for use on a PAL FB2; I don't have a PAL TV but I'm sure the NTSC colours would not look good on a PAL TV.


My region enabled Video/DVD players play the NTSC ( NTSC = NeverTwiceSameColor? ) stuff converted to real PAL signals with great quality.


Things like PS2 + SlideCard hack allows me to play NTSC games but it just results into a grainy B/W picture. It works but is not nice to look at. So my Sony TV does work with 50/60Hz but does not understand NTSC colors. And there are lots of TV sets without NTSC out there.


This is why I would Love to have FB2 Portable with a LCD. Then it does not matter if the signal is NTSC or PAL. The colors will be on the LCD anyway :)




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