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Cool and RARE NES cart!

Atari Master

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i think that rarity guide may be a bit outdated , it was made in 1997 i think. in euorpe this game isnt too hard to find but in amwerica i hear only 5000 were ever made and only 3 to this day are claimed in thier complete state! thats pretty hard to come by, though i bet somewhere an old lady had 50 in the attic not realizing what they are hahah

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Maybe I am missing something here guys?!?! You can buy that game on gamestop for $8. I could understand paying that much for it if it was still factory sealed, but that one was open. Also, I think the B rating is pretty accurate, I have two copies of this game in my collect... one of which I bought a FUNCOLAND. I think whoever paid $300+ on ebay got swindled.

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