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Any Recourse ?: Bad PayPal Situation


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I paid for an item on Ebay (I made an offer and the seller ended the auction early) through PayPal TWO TIMES ! Once through my checking account and once through my credit card. The checking account was showing

"reversed", and the seller and I both saw it and conversed about it; that's when I paid with the credit card. Now both transactions have processed and I'm out double a lot of money.

The bad thing too is that the seller is in Canada.

We have e-mailed each other regarding this situation and he last stated he would "contact PayPal". I contacted PayPal and all he has to do is refund one of the payments, no need to contact PayPal at all. I'm now waiting to see what happens. PayPal was not that helpful this morning when I talked with them.

Do I have any recourse here at all ? I realize I can file a formal complaint with PayPal, but the money is gone, and it's up to the seller to refund it, PayPal's not going to do anything.

Any suggestions appreciated. Some of the really dumb situations I get into !!!!!!!!!!


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If the seller is reputable, he should refund your duplicate payment. I don't know the amount we are talking about here, but that seems like the only thinkg to do since it was an honest mistake. If he had to pay a fee to receive it, I guess he should return the amount less the fee, but there should be no question about this if it was an error. I think paypal provides a REFUND button available for 14 days to return a payment. Since you went outside of EBAY, you can't even leave negative feedback, so you are at his mercy right now. Hopefully you get your product.


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I appreciate the suggestions and am pursuing all of these options and more. And yes, you're right, PayPal is not going to be much help. It doesn't look very good at this point though. Seller basically took my money and ran. Seller is soulonmyboots (atari@shaw.ca). I have no ideal why some people can't just have some honor and follow through on things.


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Good god. It is like this seller was/is trying to stall for time or something. He obviously didn't have the products that he was trying to sell...unbelievable.


My guess is he started out trying to steal people's money, and somehow they tracked him down, and he frantically tried to fix the situation.


On second inspection, it looks like this seller was "legit" for a while, but she wasn't doing things the "regular" way. She had some sort of "supplier", and I'm sure she stopped getting merchandise from this "supplier", and so this created a bunch of broken "promises", because she started auctions even when she didn't have the merchandise from her "supplier".


This is how it looks to me, interesting reading!


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