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What the hell is this?


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These often show up at the site of all evil. It's not a "prototype" in any sense of the word...just eprom copies of games and the board to plug them into. Way back before the crash, eprom cart copiers were advertised in many game and electronic hobby magazines.

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Nah, nothing to get too excited over. Pirate EPROM set-ups were pretty common back in the day. They're neat to have, but have no "prototype" value. I'm going to bid on it for the Sears console though.



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ok, speaking about the 2600 it might be a little inapropriate, but i remember lots of friends back then, who hacked games and let them re-rum from eproms ..... and as i remember, we call hacks homebrews too nowadays .... maybe that is a sacrilege too


:P :wink:


anyway, these boards appeared more often in private homes than in programmers labs .... i think.

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Thanks for the info everybody. I told my friend Atari Addict at Forumplanet's Classicgaming Forums, he showed me this. So...I got in contact with the seller before all this info came my way.


I believe that there is a good possibility the eeproms are burned; here's a section of an email he sent me when I requested info. Read on!


If you are a

collecter of video games in general, I would like to

sell this n64 thing. It's called a z64 (backs up your

n64 games on zip disk).


I don't believe he's being dishonest, quite the reverse. However the real item of value here would be that Sears console; and since I see that lots of people seem to want it (including posters in this topic) I will refrain from doing so.



Edwin Herdman


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