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Money Order Problem....


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I can't believe this came up.


I bought a bunch of Atari 2600 games from this guy, and created a postal money order, and mailed it to his address.


He says he hasn't got it yet....


This is a most impossible situation. I already withdrew this money from my account. If it in fact got lost in the mail (which I somehow doubt), does this mean my money is gone completely?


If given a reasonable amount of time, is there anyway to reverse this money order, assuming the person I'm paying doesn't receive it? Like some sort of retraction to get the money back?

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If you have the receipt or the stub from the money order then you can do something. You go back to where ever you purchased the money order and explain what happened. They will give you a form. You fill it out, send it in and get your money back. If the guy did get it and cashed it, then when you recieve your money back, it should say so.

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Postal money orders are easier to track than most, since they are a little more organzied. But like the others said, if you didn't keep the top receipt, then I think you're screwed. If you have to receipt, go to the post office and tell them.


On the other hand, how long has it been? I've been getting lost mail, so don't necessarily blame the guy. People, including a major publishing company, have told me they sent checks but I never receive them. Things still get screened and still get lost in the mail ever since 9/11.



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I have the receipt in my hand right now.


It has the serial number on it, date, and everything. It was dated on 5-21, so how long is "reasonable" to wait till I go back to the post office and ask if anyone had cashed it?


If it were for $100 I'd be pretty worried, but this is only $16, but I still don't want to just throw this money away for nothing.


Thanks for your help, I didn't realize that you could retract a money order (assuming that the guy never cashed it).


I'm sending from Minnesota to New Jersey, if it means anything.

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Hi !!


Ok, recently, my US money order supposed to mailed into USA from Canada, I have Postal tracking number, but lost in USA, and I phoned to Postal office and explained that seller didnt recived the payment from me, then Postal office did mailed to me the claim $25.00 Canadian check!! So, now I did mailed again to the seller, finally he got the payment from me!! whew!! Money order is most safest way to use it!!



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On the back of my money order receipt:


An inquiry Form 6401 may be filed at any time for a fee. A replacement will not be issued until 60 days after the money order purchase date, provided the money order has not been paid.


Oh super! Paying MORE money to get my money order back, that's funny.


It hasn't come to that yet


I have 2 years in which to wait to see this resolved, per the instructions on the back.


If only this seller had accepted Paypal, we'd not have this issue at all

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All the postal service can tell you is if it was cashed,unless you sent it registered or express mail,thats all they can do.They will not refund your money.I haven't worked the window in a year or so(postal worker),but I dont think that has changed.The u.s.p.s. does not verify contents of an envelope/package at the time of mailing,you couldve sent him a love-letter for all they know,and now you want money from them.That is why there is a fee to trace the money order.It is perfectly logical to charge money for that service.Good luck!!

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