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So, Al & Al.. AtariAge Online Auctions in the works?


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Seriously, you guys ought to look into hosting your own specialty online auction service.. I'm sure the software isn't that big of a financial hit now that there's only two big players in town, and little niche auctionhouses seem to be doing not all that poorly. Do you think there's room for a specialized classic video game auction service?


Given all the out-and-out spam-like CRAP that seems to be fouling Atari and other game system listings on ebay lately, and given that probably anyone who's anyone in the field visits your site regularly, what would keep you from doing well hosting regular video game auctions? I'd sure rather buy or sell some nice Atari (or heck, any system's) cart or disc under this site's umbrella with the classy users here (and be happy paying your listing commission) than cast my lot with the slimes on eBay.


I'm sure the proceeds would more than help to pay for the upkeep of the board, and keep AtariAge (thankfully!) pop-up or ad free.


Good idea?


- RPM :idea:

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It's something we've discussed before. However, I doubt we could successfully charge commissions to any meaningfull degree. If we did something like that, it would probably be a free service, as there is no way we could compete with eBay in terms of exposure.

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