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Fake Patches in germany Ebay


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Better beware to buy Patches from germany from this seller.


Here an example of a very bad fake:


Activision Kabashers Aufnaeher(Patch)


This Kabashers Patch is never release, so why he can sold one. And all Patches look very Bad. Cheap copies. Worthless.


All other Patches are too Fakes or copies. Not real ones. If you like them, you can buy them. But these are no real Patches.


PS: I have buy one Dolphin Patch. First I love Dolphins, so I maybe has buy it too when I have know it before. But now I am a bit :evil: about this.


I have no original Friends of Dolphin Patch, only soon 2 copies. :(

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ha its funny thres a 2000 copyright  right on the patch!!!!  :shock:


Yeah, I did noticed that copyright year is 2000??!!?? :shock: :shock:


I can understand what Matty XB explaining to beware of this patch might be fake???


I was suripsed that Rick already been bid, maybe he know all about this patch?? Beacuse Rick is lots of experince of Atari collector! :D




Jason :wink:

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I mean all Patches this seller sold are no original Activision Patches. These you recieve, when you get a spacial high score. He sold more, and all cheap copies. :(


But maybe I am wrong, must see when I get mine Dolphin Patch. :o


And this Kabashers Patch was never release when I am not wrong. The game was only a Prototype, and I think there was no official Patch for that game.

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It looks to me like the guy home made the patch himself (or something similar).


Another Alternative though, is that he drew up a picture in paint shop pro, then just added a texture on top of it so that it looks like its made out of a patch :) (pretty cunning if he did, probably hoping to make a killing)


Either way, it wouldn't be a genuine patch. However, if he made it, it looks pretty cool. If he's faked it using paintshop, he's a bit of a bastard.

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