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Merry Christmas to all 7800 Users


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Hi Guys

here is my Christmas gift for all 7800 Users. :)

It is a new Beef Drop with 10 new levels,which were made by me.Thanks to Jeff Wierer for his help and a big thanks to Kenfused for his great Beef Drop.

Merry Christmas




At the risk of sounding ungrateful, any chance of posting a *.a78 file (The binary with header attached)? I would love to try this out in MESS. Thanks.



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I actually had a similar idea for Christmas. This version has new levels and a bunch of holiday graphic hacks. I had intended to completely remove all the burger elements, but couldn't get around to finishing before the holiday. If anybody has time and desire, feel to improve upon it.


post-5778-1167081839_thumb.jpg post-5778-1167081877_thumb.jpg


Seasons Greetings,



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