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Jag Development and BJL setting up (Windows 95/98)


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These are the steps I took to get up and running with BJL and the Atari development setup from Belboz's website. My dev setup is using an old Pentium ONE system with Windows 95 installed. Using and old 95/98 DOS based OS with a low end Pentium One or Two setup is recommended for using the BJL setup and the Atari Jaguar development setup. These steps assume you already have BJL and the adapter with an appropriate cable and know how to use them.


I have a shortcut to DOS on my desktop. I call it JaguarGCC.




When I click on that It's all setup to run the Jag.bat file I have with the Jag dev enviroment variables and starts me out in the 'Jag' dev setup directory. Here is what the Jag.bat text file looks like:




Also included is an image of where it is in the 'Jaguar' dev setup directory.(It's in the root directory).




So in order, this is what I did to get my dev. setup working on my PC.


1.) Unzipped Belboz's Official Atari Jaguar development pack into a Folder/directory on my HD I created that I called "Jaguar". I might as well put the Link to Belboz's website HERE. Go to his download area and get the Jaguar developer tools.


2.) Created .bat file(It's just a text file) called Jaguar.bat in the root directory of 'Jaguar' with the necessary enviroment variables I needed to run the development enviroment which are posted above.


3.) Created a DOS shortcut on the desktop I named "JaguarGCC" with the 'Program' properties modified like in this image.




4.) Created a directory inside the "Jaguar" dev root directory I called 'MyStuff' to hold programs/files I may be working with, compiling and uploading to BJL.


5.) Replaced the original video.s file in the *3d/LIB directory of the Jag tools with the attached video.s file[zipped up] (So BJL video will work properly with the stuff you compile and upload to it, otherwise you'll just get a blank black screen.) Thanks again to Belboz for figuring out the problem and creating this fix for BJL users.




6.) Got rid of the shitty and very broken make.exe that comes with Atari's dev setup and am using M$ NMAKE 1.5 in its place.


Now when I want to work with the Jag dev stuff (mostly compiling and uploading) I click on my JaguarGCC DOS shortcut. It takes me right to the Jag/Mystuff directory in a DOS Window, with all the appropriate enviroment variables all set up, and I'm ready to go.


I hope this helps anyone who is wandering around here looking to get started using the Atari dev setup and BJL.

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* Correction to above post. The Video.s file that gets replaced is in the 3d/Lib directory.


So in the above example the video.s file would be in C:/Jaguar/3d/LIB.


Also the fix for BJL users does not affect Alpine users at all. It can be put in no matter what you use for Jaguar development, whether Alpine or BJL, to insure compatibility with both.


Sorry about any confusion that may have caused.


I think now Belboz has put the modded video.s file in his download package so it automatically works with all setups.

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Further notes on the Atari dev setup.


It would be best to be a fairly knowledgable programmer or have some kind of tutor/instructor for using the Jag dev system. You cannot just compile C code and upload it to the Jaguar. A mistake I made that had me going wtf for quite a bit at first.


You have to create an Assembly language startup file and then use the MAKE files to have MADMAC and ALN wrap the C and Assembly code all up together into a neat little binary package the Jaguar can understand before it can be uploaded.

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Replacing the included Atari development make.exe with M$ Nmake 1.5 quick and easy. If you don't, you are likely to have trouble right away.


You want to download nmake15.exe and put it in your \jaguar\bin directory


Then go to a dos prompt and type this


cd \jaguar\bin




copy nmake.exe make.exe


del nmake15.exe


you may get an overwrite warning on the copy command.


Then you should be good to go.

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Good work JagChris it looks like you have brought life to the Jag Development here at AA. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: With the user base here someone is going to give the Jag Development a shot.


Hopefully Walter. :)


It's just surprising that no one has ever attempted to lay out what was required to program the Jaguar, or responded to the posts here for so long.


Hopefully, at least one person will indeed do something with this knowledge. :)

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Update. A problem Belboz helped EmOneGarand with when his dev setup would hang in Windows 98 when it hit the linker upon executing MAKE.


It was the himem.sys and/or emm386.exe drivers.


My default Windows 98 installs don't have anything in the config.sys and I have seen problems like he found with emm386.


Himem may be okay to load, but I just recommended rem'ing out those two lines and he was good to go!


You shouldn't need either of them for Windows 98.



So if anyone has problems be sure to REM these lines out in your config.sys file. Probably a good idea to REM them out anyway before anyone has any problems. :)

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