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Miyamoto was an utter jerk sometimes. Just look up how he treated DMA over Body Harvest; he nearly bankrupted them! And spurning Argonaut by getting Starfox 2 canned!

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Thinking about the Pre-Disney Star Wars Expanded Universe...

Most of what I experienced of the pre-Disney Star Wars EU was via 2003 Clone Wars, Pandemic Battlefront games, and Lucasarts TFU. Honestly, I was at first mildly-moderately shocked when Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy allowed for the EU wipe to happen. True, there were stupid and nonsensical things here and there in the old EU for sure; you could find stuff of that quality in the pre-2005 Star trek books as well. That doesn't cancel out any of the good parts, such as the Thrawn Trilogy, Splinter o



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