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Jay Leno Makes Me Sick

Random Terrain


Remember when Jay Leno ruined NBC's prime-time lineup and Conan O'Brien's shot at the Tonight Show with the crappy Jay Leno Show at 10 p.m.? Jay Leno screwed Conan O'Brien and wrecked the schedule, screwing various other shows, including the Law and Order franchise. I heard that Jay Leno has been recently taking shots at NBC executives and NBC's ratings because of the rumors about the unfunny, obsequious Jimmy Fallon replacing him, but Jay Leno is responsible for ruining NBC's prime-time lineup. After Jay Leno took a big steaming dump on the schedule at 10 p.m., it was almost impossible for the NBC lineup to recover. NBC hasn't been the same since the Jay Leno catastrophe. When they shove Jay Leno out this time, I hope he stays gone.


[i loved Jimmy Fallon on SNL, but he sucks as a late night talk show host.]





Random Terrain



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When I read that title, I thought you'd seen him in person and he physically made you ill. I saw him once at a store in Hollywood, and the freakish proportions of his face haunt me to this day. TV can't began to convey the horror.


I've channel hopped by Fallon's show a few times. He's getting better. But I'll watch Craig Ferguson any day of the week over him.

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