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Finished Wave 100 on Iron Brigade - Survival: Swamp (Solo)

Random Terrain


Update: As of February 28, 2020, I'm still playing this game on my Xbox 360 (or my sister's Xbox One). The main thing I don't like about Iron Brigade is that it only has three survival missions where you can play for 100 waves. I wish the makers of the game would let us play any of the missions in survival mode. I would especially like the Village (in the Pacific) and Mars Landing to have survival modes. Those are my two favorite normal missions, but they are too short. If I could play 100 waves in the Village and Mars Landing, I'd be the hap, hap, happiest person since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny bleeping Kaye


I previously finished wave 100 on Survival: Hospital (Solo), but now I finally did it on Survival: Swamp (Solo).


Like I said last time, since I'll probably forget, I'll post what I used in case I stop playing for a while and want to play again later:



Honeychurch Mk IV



Speedy Biped Legs



Muerte Fiesta Numero 6

Muerte Fiesta Numero 6



Piercing Sniper Turret

Super Shredder Turret

Dampening Generator Mk III

Impeccable Collection Pod



It's almost the same thing I used on Survival: Hospital, but this time I used a Muerte Fiesta Numero 6 in both weapon slots.





Update (July 8, 2013)


I've been playing this survival mission for a few days and last night I got to the final wave and finished again. I was just playing around and plopping turrets in different places and was surprised when FINAL WAVE popped up on the screen. I think I might play this survival mission some more before moving on to something else.





Update (July 11, 2013)


Finished the final wave again this morning. I think I'm done playing for a while.





Update (July 15, 2013)


I was in the mood to play and finished this mission again today.





Update (September 14, 2013)


I've finished this so many times since July that I'm not even going to post it anymore when I finish it.





Random Terrain



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