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Missile driver rewritten



The missile routines have been added back. I also changed Otto to be a 2X sprite for testing purposes. It'll be changed back to a 1X sprite for the next build, which should be playable :D



I removed the original flicker logic routine and renamed the new one DisplaySprites. It uses DataStream0 and DataStream1 to populate the graphic and color datastreams for player0 and player1. Since the datastream usage is the same, I was able to merge those two functions into DataStream. The new DisplaySpritesNew also uses the new flicker routine, but it calls DataStream to fill in the graphic and color datastreams.


Merging the functions saves quite a bit of ROM. DataStream0 and DataStream1 each take up 468 bytes in the ROM while DataStream takes up 560 bytes, so there's a 376 byte savings (468*2 - 560).

  • RESET = "start game"
  • SELECT = return to "menu" (rainbow screen)
  • Left Joystick - move humanoid. Move to edge of room to trigger room change.
  • Right Joystick - move Otto
  • TV Type Color = use separate datastream functions, B&W = use merged datastream function
  • Left Difficulty B = Berzerk Rooms, A = Frenzy Rooms
  • Right Difficulty B = Normal robot distribution, A = Maximum robot distribution, lined up horizontally for extra flicker.

The VB/OS display will change color based on which datastream functions are active. Green = original, Grey = merged.


The state of the Left Difficulty switch is only checked when RESET is pressed. The Right Difficulty switch is checked when changing rooms.








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Nice work - I like the vblank and overscan counters. How much work remains to turn this into the full game?



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The game is currently playable, I'll be posting a new blog entry this weekend after I've finish fixing a few issues. One of them that's annoying me is in the Frenzy variation you're supposed to be able to shoot out non-flickering wall sections, it works except when you shoot directly to the right.


For the full game, don't know. I'm going to add the menu next so I can post a build in the homebrew forum. After that I plan to review what I've posted in the past as I've noticed issues like a robot rapid-firing which I've taken care of before.


Another factor that makes it hard to figure out when I'll be done is a lack of inspiration due to the delayed releases we're seeing. Space Rocks was released almost a year after I finished, and who knows when Stay Frosty 2 will be available. Hopefully the Melody situation will be resolved soon.

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