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  • LumaBoost in place, flickering objects will increase in brightness to compensate for the flicker
  • Special Room Object appears in the same location for a give X-Y room so that it doesnt change location if the humanoid dies and room is reinitialized
  • wall types (destructive vs reflective) surrounding Special Room Objects are now drawn based on the object.
  • Priority increased for Hit Special Object sound effect
  • halved the speed of Homing Missiles
  • Forced X position of explosions to be even so explosions doesnt bleed thru wall to the right of the robot if the robot is up against that wall


  • TV Type = LumaBoost control: B&W = Off, Color = On
  • RESET = start game
  • SELECT = return to menu
  • Left Difficulty, Frenzy Special Room Test1: B = Off, A = On
  • Right Difficulty, Stress Test Mode2: B = Off, A = On

1Frenzy Special Room Test will always put a special object in the room.

2Stress Test Mode is infinite lives and max robots. Score will be red when active.


I'm still seeing occasional sprite size changes so that glitch is still present. I suspect the C Stack and Variable space are colliding. Once I can resolve the problem with compiling Stella 3.9.3, I'm going to try to add something to Stella's debugger which will let me see the state of the extra RAM.


The LumaBoost logic required me to decrease the luma value of some of the colors, otherwise the LumaBoost would cause the color to wrap to the next value with a luma value of 0. In this screenshot the LumaBoosted robots have wrapped from bright purple ($6e in hex) to dark blue ($70), while the humanoid's white ($0e) wrapped to dark yellow ($10).



Because of this, I'm planning to review the colors of all objects at a later date.







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I have a suggestion for the next update - that the menu option to switch between Berzerk and Frenzy is highlighted by default, rather than Start.

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That's an idea, though I am planning to have the AtariVox save your settings so you can just hit fire to start the game.

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