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Diamond's Utilities and Develop disk directories




A funny thing happened on the way to Diamond enlightenment. It all started because I re-read the manual and examined each of the files on the Diamond GOS Utilities and Diamond Develop disks.


The Diamond GOS Utilities disk has the support files that work with the Desktop, Diamond Paint, and Diamond Write. You can read the manuals to find out how to configure your system. Configuring your system will improve Diamonds performance. I was able to identify most of the files. I'm not clear on the difference between STMOUSE.DRV and STMOUSE2.DRV. I'm wondering if I'm going to be using the best one.


The Diamond Develop disk contains demo, MAC65 source code, and other programs to aid in your programming efforts that use the Diamond Functions. All the assembly source code and macro libraries are for use with the MAC65 assembler.


There must be a disk image somewhere. I know not where. At this time, I have no easy way to upload them but then do you have the means to download them?


Equipped with the Diamond Cartridge, Diamond GOS Manual (from previous blog) and Diamond GOS Utilities disk, you are ready to bring your Atari into the 21st century. :) Add the Develop manual and disk, you're ready to take control.


Diamond GOS Utilities

including Diamond Paint/Write

c 1989, 1991 REEVEsoft


REBOOT.ACC – Accessory to reboot computer from desktop

PAINT.APP – Diamond Paint 3.0

WRITE.APP – Diamond Write 3.0

CONFIGUR.APP – Configures system memory and mouse drivers

OSSTODOS.BAS – Converts OSS A+ Binary File to Atari DOS

EXITDMND.BAS – Clears Diamond to run DUP.SYS from BASIC

SYSTEM.DFT – Diamond Font

GOTHIC.DFT – Diamond Font

COMPUTER.DFT – Diamond Font

BOLD.DFT – Diamond Font

WEIRDO.DFT – Diamond Font

JAPAN.DFT – Diamond Font

EIGHTY.DFT – Diamond Font

EPSON.DMP – Printer driver for Diamond Paint

README.DOC – Sample Document for Diamond Write

MEMORYXL.DRI – XL memory diver

MEMORYXE.DRI – XE memory driver

KOALA.DRV – Koala mouse driver

KOALA2.DRV – Koala mouse driver

JOYSTICK.DRV - Joystick mouse driver

JOYSTCK2.DRV - Joystick mouse driver

STMOUSE.DRV – ST mouse driver

STMOUSE2.DRV – ST mouse driver

TOUCHTAB2.DRV – touch tablet mouse driver

DEGAS.IMP – Import Degas file format used by Diamond Paint

NEOCHROM.IMP - Import Neochrom file format used by Diamond Paint

DESKTOP.INF – System configuration file

SPYVSSPY.PIC – Sample picture for Diamond Paint

DRAGON.PIC – Sample picture for Diamond Paint

SKUNK.PIC – Sample picture for Diamond Paint

STARG10.PRT – Printer Driver for Diamond Write

EPSNRX80..PRT – Printer Driver for Diamond Write

ESPNMX80.PRT – Printer Driver for Diamond Write

DIAMOND.SDX – configuration file for Sparta DOS X

DOS.SYS – Atari DOS 2.0

CLICKME.TXT – Text about some of files on this and develop disk


Diamond Develop

Super Cartridge

c 1990 REEVEsoft


ACCMAKER.APP – Converts .OBJ files to .ACC using accessory rules

MENU.APP – Demo menu function

WINDOW.APP – Demo window function

DIALOG.APP – Demo dialog function

DEVELOP.BAS – Shell for using functions by Atari BASIC

DESEG.BAS – converts segmented binary files to Atari DOS ?

MESSAGE.M65 – Test of Message Box function

IOMAC.M65 – I/O Macro files

SYSEQU.M65 – System equates for IOMAC.M65

MENU.M65 -Source code for MENU.APP

LIBRARY.M65 – Register equates and useful macros

MEMORYXE.M65 – Source code for memory driver

JOYSTICK.M65 – Source code for joystick mouse driver

WINDOW.M65 – Source code for WINDOW.APP

DMACROS.M65 – Equates/ Macros for Diamond

CONFIGUR.M65 – Source code for CONFIGUR.APP

SKELETON.M65 – Shell used for app creation

DIAMBASIC.M65 – Source code for Page 6 routine in DIABASIC.BAS

DIALOG.M65 – Source code for DIALOG.APP (comments wrong)

SKELETON.OBJ – example bin code created using SKELETON.M65 for conversion by accmaker.app



Now about that funny thing.......


I was looking through the GOS manual for file information when I read on page 14 about not using the mouse driver in the cartridge while using Diamond Write. The default mouse driver can be used to move the mouse pointer using the curser keys and the space bar as the button. It should be used to gain access to configur.app to choose the proper mouse driver.


I was having the very problem that was described in the Diamond Write section. The cursor was doing strange things when I tried to type so I thought it best to see which mouse driver I was using on my boot disk.


There was no mouse driver on my boot disk. I don't think that there was ever a mouse driver on the disk because I can't remember not have problems typing into Diamond Write program. The memory Driver was there so I must have configured my system at some point.


I copied STMOUSE2.DRV to the boot disk, reconfigured using CONFIG.APP. The ability to type into Diamond Write was greatly improved. Actually it became possible. I may have to rewrite my opinions of Diamond Write.


I have to think that this was more strange funny then funny funny; that it took me over 20 years to notice the lack of a mouse driver on my boot disk. I did learn that having the Diamond manuals are a great help and the greatest value comes from reading them.





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