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VecMulti MenuMaker coming soon for Mac



To try out HEX, a new Vectrex homebrew, I discovered I had to use one of my work systems to run the MenuMaker.


I don't like to do that, so I contact Richard H. to see if there was a Mac version and if not if I could port it. There's not, so he sent me his Delphi code so I could see what needed to be done.


I'm not familiar with Delphi so started doing some research and discovered it's Pascal. I found Lazarus, installed it, and after a bit of work was able to update the VecMulti's menu on my Mac.






There's more to be done, but I think I'll have something to share in another day or two.

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Looks like the VecMulti is sold out -- doh! Shame because I have the Vectrex now.


Just ignore my page. I've been having trouble with my internet provider and have been unable to edit / update my page for months.


I shall be building more VecMulti's (with cases) next month.

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FYI I have a few left from a batch I built this week.


Fantastic -- looks like I'll be placing an order soon! My kids love playing with the Vectrex, I just don't have as many games as I used to (lost over the years, unfortunately).

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Just bought a VecMulti from Richard and love it. Especially like the fact (in most cases) that the Vec's reset button takes you back to the menu vs. using the on/off dial.


Now just looking forward to a Mac version of MenuMaker. :)

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Now just looking forward to a Mac version of MenuMaker. :)


It was posted 2 days later in the next blog entry ;)


Nathan sent over the new icon last night. I checked it out this morning and it looks great! Even though I'm taking a week off from personal projects(in order to recoup from the past two weeks of hardcore programming) I'm going to post a "new" build tonight with Nathan's icon in place.

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