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TILES212.APP - old game updated for Diamond GOS



I was waiting for the Diamond GOS APP store to open before I posted this game. I finally figured it wasn't going to happen - soon. So here is the Tiles game that will give you something to play while we wait.




As you can see, I got out the old Zenith Data System monitor and removed the Windows NT computer from my desk. I like the color green. It may have been a better monitor for programing then the color TV but I get a better photo off the LED screen. I took a movie of a game. The speed was increased at some point during the game, so don't be surprised when the tiles start moving fast.




Everything on the screen is an icon. I learned a lot about the icons when writing this program. I can't wait to learn it again.


There may be an earlier version out there. The earlier versions wasn't able run with Diamond 3.0 (I think that's why I wrote this version).




Tiles For Diamond


Tiles is the old game in which you have a 4x4 matrix of tiles with one missing. The tiles can be moved around in the matrix by sliding tiles into the empty position. After the tiles are mixed up the object is simply to reorder them.


To play the game, double click on TILES.APP at the desk top. The program will load and display the title dialog. Click on the dialog box and the program will mix up the tiles.


To move the tiles back into order, you only have the option of clicking on a tile that is above, below, left or right of the empty position. When they are back in the original order the border will flash in various colors.


You now have the option to quit by clicking the QUIT button, view the dialog box by clicking INFO, or remixing the tiles for another game by clicking anywhere else. You can QUIT the program or view the info box at anytime during the game. Simply click on the box for that option.


The source code for this program has been included. TILES212.M65 is the program and ICONDATA.M65 is the icon data. You will also need the Diamond Macros if you try to assemble it.


The Zip file contains - TILES212.APP, TILES212.M65 and ICONDATA.M65



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