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Chronogaming not dead, not even sleeping...



Okay, when I say chronogaming is not dead or sleeping, I don't mean this blog. I mean "there are other chronogamers out there" fighting the good fight!


Now and then I'll type "chronogaming" into Google (ego-surfer!) just to get a nice warm feeling to see that the term actually gets tossed around out there like it's a real word! A lot of people, I'm sure, didn't get it from me. I think many get it from "Chrono Trigger" - but if it has anything to do with retrogaming I think it actually can be traced back to me. If it ever makes it into a dictionary someday, my parents, wife, children and their descendants will never hear the end of it.


I may have coined the term (as far as I know) but it's the people who ran with it who deserve the credit for it actually propagating. The BIG standout is Dr. Sparkle with Chrontendo. For the record, if I'm ever able to get this blog out of the ground again, it's because Chrontendo has inspired me.


Well, Chrontendo and the folks who continued to comment and read this thing years after I've written anything related to chronogaming (and Nelio! Thanks for fixing the links! You're awesome!).


When I started the hiatus, (2008?), this blog had about 60,000 views and now it's above 200,000 or so. I know this is paltry by, say, "YouTube" standards but it blows my mind that people still find and read this.


Things have changed so much since 2008! I mean, there are people who seemingly do "Let's Play" for a living on YouTube! There are probably "business models" out there for this sort of thing.


I've always said this is more of a lifestyle choice than a "project". Writing is hard for me now, mentally and physically, by the way. I write all day at work and I'm probably getting some kind of carpel wormhole thing. Mentally, I'm much, much better than I used to be mood-wise, but it's so hard to focus these days.


I can promise you that the writing would be even worse than it was before, so, you can look forward to that.


I still have 90% of the systems and software I bought for this "project" back when I was first doing it so... where was I?


Ha! Just kidding! I say that like I haven't been thinking about it for the last six years and saying "Damn, I need to get back to doing Chronogamer"


I know darn well what game I do next: 'Maze Craze: A Game of Cops and Robbers'.


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Welcome baaaaaack! Not sure if it means you're really back or if it's just an update on the hiatus. Good to know you're at least thinking about writing again. :-)


I didn't know about Chrontendo (shame on me, what kind of chronogamer am I?) so I'll surely spend some time there. Also realized they have some sister projects, like Chronsega, so this is great stuff.



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Yeah, Chrontendo is awesome. I used to link to it from my blog but I don't see it on there now! This shall be rectified. And Yes, Nelio, I could spend a lot of time there myself!


I'm not saying I'm back, but I will say that I cleaned up my darn computer room and got the Atari 7800 hooked up to the VCR which then goes to the old Sony PVM and I did actually play a little bit of Maze Craze... then I had to start hunting for another controller. It will be fun if one of my kids will play it with me. I may have to bribe them with something from Steam.


Hi, thegoldenband! Thank you and thank you for the link to the manual, heheh. I went and read it cover to cover. Now I want to learn something about maze algorithms...

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Great to see you back Chronogamer! Your blog is the reason I would check the Atariage blogs. You have been missed!


Wow, thanks Jongolo! ^ ^

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