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Back from Japan



Is there such thing as an obsessive compulsive disorder that procrastinates?


Okay, so I've been busy. Since I had my moment of discouraged truth a few years ago, I've managed to keep my job, my kids have continued to survive and I've been to Japan.


Let me try to express my feelings about Japan with a very intense understatement.


Japan is cool.


I know... it makes some of you uncomfortable when I get all gushy and emotional about stuff, so I'll just leave it at that and link to pictures.


http://www.flickr.co...s/michael2japan (Edit: I have no idea where my flicker account went. Maybe I deleted it? No idea. Blurrrrrr.)


NO, I don't even pretend that I can take pictures. These are blurry and the composition on most of them is carp. (That was a typo, but some how I think it relates to Japan, so I'm leaving it.)


I also haven't gotten around to posting the pictures from Kyoto, which I imagine contain some photographs of shrines.


I WILL say that I think it's actually more expensive to be an Otaku in Japan than it is to get everything translated/dubbed/licensed and released in the US. Maybe it's the exchange rate... but I went into Super Potato and everything seemed really expensive. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with the cost of rent in Tokyo and the fact that... well.. I haven't played the "how much should I pay for this" game in a while. I ended up getting two Wii games. (Essentially Fatal Frame 4 and 5, for 4900 and 3900 yen, respectively.) and for the PS2 a Taiko Drum Master game (for 955 yen) and an Evangelion game for 105 yen. The Evangelion game promises to be absolutely awful. I can't imagine a game selling for the US equiv of $1.33 at a Books Off (used book chain) being any good at all... and that alone was reason enough to buy it. That, and Evangelion seems as ubiquitous as Totoro in Japan. Not quite as ubiquitous as AKB48, and nothing can touch the widespread plague that is Hello Kitty, but when one comes across Asuka selling eye drops, you know they're still doing pretty well.


(Actually I hella-like Hello Kitty)


Okay, Chronogamer will live again. I am very slowly going through and trying to fix the formatting on stuff. Nelio has gone through and fixed a lot of Prev | Next links in his comments, bless his heart, which is making it a lot easier to fix.


I also have a new computer cave that I'm fixing up for maximum Chronogaming anal-retentiveness. The advantages of this room is that I can lock the door to keep my kids from trying to escape when I need them to play two-player only games with me.


Um... I'm going to say don't hold your breath. I mean probably a lot of you don't even remember this blog, it's been three or four years since I've actually done anything with it. And I've had several false restarts. Hell, this could even be yet another one! But it's always nice to come back and read through the blogs a bit and start to want to type/babble again.


Okay, anyway. Uh, blog summary: Japan = Fun. Bought games there.Things are expensive. Japanese girls are sexy, huh, wut? Came back. Recovered from jet lag. Want to chronogame again.


Don't confuse me with chronogamers.com - they aren't me. Not that they aren't worth a peek, and more organized and better writers and play more games than I do. They're just not me.



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Being a Gaijin/Yabanjin can be interesting. One thing I can remember is being actually relieved when a stewardess was directly rude to me on the way home from Japan.

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Your blog is certainly remembered/missed, and its return is eagerly awaited! (No pressure or anything.) Whenever you're ready to start back up, I look forward to it.

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@thelooon: Actually I adored the uniformed, customer facing politeness of all of the adorable shop people (even the guys, I just adored them in a "bro" way). I'm in customer service and A. I learned a few things and B. for quick transactions that require little interaction I love the extremely polite personas. For some reason having a cute girl say a bunch of very polite sounding things and then her giving me a bow (all this at the 7-11) makes me want to retire in Japan someday. I know I'm guaranteed to smile at least once a day.


@thegoldenband! Hi and thank you for your encouragement!

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I just went through all your Japan photos and I found them amazing. And I just loved your descriptions, man! Your writing always makes me laugh!


I've always been curious about Japan - not just because of the girls :P - but your pictures really made me want to go there on vacation sometime. It's an amazing culture.


And now... i'm done with the blog. :-( It took me almost one and a half years to go through all your entries. Yes, my chronogaming had a few breaks over that period but, still, this blog kept me company for a long, long time.


I'll keep going and I hope you'll eventually get back to this. Another fan awaits your return! :)

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Wow, so I come back and think, "Hey, I think I'll do an entry" and then I can't figure out how to do an entry! xD I mean, literally, I can't figure out "new blog entry"... duh... more later...

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