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My CRT has died :(

Thomas Jentzsch


Yesterday my good old 29" Sony Trinitron KV-X2901D CRT has died. :(


It has faithfully served me for about 20 years, for watching TV and developing all my Atari 2600 games.




I will miss you.


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What the classic gaming world needs is a versatile, adjustable, programmable, Composite/NTSC/S-Video/Component/DVI/VGA to HDMI/VGA/DVI converter.

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I have never tried the Bravia with the 2600, but the NES looked pretty good on it, even with just the regular antenna plug. It makes a perfect picture for nearly everything, regardless whether you run things with 50 or 60 Hz. Right now I have connected a X360, a PS3 and a Blue Ray Player on the HDMI slots, PS2 and Wii via component cables, GameCube and PSX through SCART and a Dreamcast on the Camcorder jacks - all at once. In february I'll be upgrading to a WiiU using the fourth HDMI slot, so I can then hook up an original XBOX as well :D


I also had my Super NES, Genesis and Nintendo 64 consoles previously connected with good results, so I never regretted the purchase I did 4 years ago. One of the best things I didn't even know when buying it was that it had already a digital sat receiver built in, so I saved the money for that as well in the end ;)

What's also neat, since the Blue Ray player is also a Bravia compatible Sony device you can simply control it with the TV remote. (Probably the PS3 as well, but I've never tried that)

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Can you give it a try please? I found no TVs that can handle 240p. Maybe I am just 4 years late.


I am about to buy a used 14" Sony portable CRT, just for development and maybe playing games. Those are dead cheap (<$30).

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I'll give a try on the weekend. Probably doesn't help much though even when it works. While Amazon still has my order listed from 2010, the product page is long gone. Model and full title as listed were: "Sony Bravia KDL-40EX505 LCD Fernseher (101,6 cm (40 Zoll), Full-HD, 100 Hz, DVB-T/ DVB-C/ DVB-S2) schwarz"


What you should be looking for in the specs is probably not something like "240p" but something like: "Analoge Videoeingangssignale: PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58, NTSC4.43" :)


=> http://www.chip.de/produkte/Sony-KDL-40EX505_41865716.html

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Hm... all my 2600 are totally unmodded, so that is all I can test. If you have composite cables you can just plug them straight into the camcorder jacks or indirect via SCART adapter. But either way - that's still an analog PAL signal though, no? :)


It does the trick for anything from the NES up to the Dreamcast, so I don't see why it shouldn't handle a 2600 as well :)

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You are right and NES should provide 240p as the 2600 does too. But from what I have read it does not work. Confusing...


If you have time please test venetian blinds (e.g. Stellar Track or Harmony Menu), those look ugly if the upscaling is done wrong.

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Would one of Andrews Greeting Carts do the trick? Everything else is complicated, since the PC is currently way too far away from the TV for using my Cuttle cart :)

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I can remember how they worked exactly. But their flicker is definitely different to the usual flicker which is used for 96 pixel texts.


Anyway, give it a try if you have time.

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I decided to return the LG. The terribly slow WebOS is killing me! Instead I have ordered a Samsung UE48H6270 (48" since 42" still seemed a bit too small :)) which should arrive on Saturday.


Then I can compare both side by side. If the Samsung doesn't fail miserably in picture quality, I will keep it.


Today I did some tests on various Atari 2600 games with the LG. Some (like Pitfall!) look pretty OK (though not great), but as soon as there is any flicker or even just 1 pixel thin lines, everything gets really bad. Plus any color is lost then too. At least I didn't notice any lag and NTSC games work well (though with wrong colors of course).

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Most of my friends are quite happy with their Samsungs, albeit not because of their support for classic video consoles, but because they play any movie regardless of the used video codec :)

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That's one thing that bugs me with the Sony, but I heard the newer models also support more codecs. I usually try the USB in the TV/PS3/360/Blue Ray in no particular order and one of them will then usually play the content. I think I only have a problem with NTFS formatted devices ;)

(Just in case you're wondering why I have an extra Blue Ray player: I don't want my children to use the PS3 to play their scratched and dirty "Dora the Explorer" discs :lolblue: )

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Got the Samsung yesterday and this one I will keep. The picture is great, it plays all video formats from my USB stick and last not least the usability is waaay above the LG.



Of course Atari 2600 games look bad on this LCD too, so I just bought a used 14" Sony Trinitron KV-14LT1E CRT for just 25€. That one works perfect on my games. The picture quality is brilliant and sharp.

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If you need a really good CRT, you can pick up Sony PVM series monitors on eBay pretty cheap now (not sure what's available in Europe, but the better PVMs support PAL). We used to use them at work as our production video monitors (hence the prefix), until we went HD.


If you have a few extra bucks, step up to their BVM series. (The "B" is for "Broadcast".)

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