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Space Patrol (1962) Encyclopedia-Part 1



(Taken from "Slim's Encyclopedia" on a website currently in the Internet Archive, added here to help with discussion.)











Aba Bird

AbaPro.jpgRare, flightless bird from the area of Mars, resembling a two legged rhinocerous with a single white eye. Only twenty are known to exist in the year 2100 and they are a protected species. They lay three eggs a year - one ovoid that contains its young and two square ones that contain additional food for it when it hatches. They can be very protective and ferocious protecting their eggs, goring people with their tusk. The protein from the square eggs was used to synthesise a cure for the condition known as 'the floats'. They were apparently tame once and, if tickled, can be calmed down (HI). The eggs can also counteract the rapid hair growth caused by fruit from the Toohera Jungle (HM).


Action Call

Order given by General Smith in emergencies, such as the rocket launch against Dr Duncan on Ganymede (ES).


Aeronautics Museum

Complex which stores and maintains examples of obselete air and space vehicles. They still have a fully working 1980s rocket that is used to repel an Neptunian attempt to get Earth slaves (FX).


Alpha Centauri

Star system over four light years away, containing the planet Delta and home to Yria. It would take a Galasphere about 3000 years to travel the distance but with a Delta Unit built by Yria, the journey only takes about four months (MS, DS).



The Saturnian plants are described as having an antibiotic effect on the fungus that is destroying crops (MTS).


Anti-plastifoam Gun

Never seen and only refered to once, it would suggest a weapon or device that projects a solvent capable of dissolving plastifoam (MTS).


Anti-Dazzle Glasses

Husky's eye-saving solution to Professor Haggarty's hideously colourful jersey! (TVC05).



Defensive interceptor projectiles alledgedly carried by Galaspheres but never seen in use (TS).



Haggarty is trying develop a machine to translate the language of ants. We never discover whether it works but an offshoot of its development is the transmission of heat via radio waves (FM).


Arizona Desert

Where Colonel Raeburn orders Galasphere 347 to land, to confine a battle area when blue aliens declare war on Earth (TVC05).


TVC1966World.jpgArtificial Planet

Large world made by the Neptunians in an attempt to cause a collision between Earth, Mars and Venus and once again blackmail the UGO into sending human slaves to their planet (DW). Vast deserted worldship of unknown origin on a collision course with Earth until the crew of Galasphere 347 divert it (left). The fate of the inhabitants is unknown but may be linked to a strange energy on the ship that disintegrates lifeforms (AN02)



Belt of minor planets the majority of which are found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Pallas is located in the main belt (SS), while others wander the solar system (UA)


Astral Projection

The ability to send ones mind outside the body in spirit form. The Duo plant creatures have a similar ability, with their 'spirits' being able to enter other species and control their will. The 'spirits' are just visible and refered to as smoke-like, and if they are destroyed - by electricity, for example - the body of the Duo dies and dissolves (II). The 'spirits' are also able to observe and act as spies, reporting back when the 'spirit' returns to its body (JW).


Atlantic Sea Farm

SeaFarm.jpgSubaquatic agricultural colony, presumably just off the east coast of America. It is overseen by Jim Barratt and an army of some five thousand robots (RR, MTS, PT, JW)



Thin envelope of gases surrounding most planets. The atmosphere of Earth is oxygen (about 20%) and nitrogen (about 80%), and it can be assumed that the atmospheres of Mars and Venus are similar enough to Earth for it not to cause breathing problems between the three major races. Venus has a higher oxygen content (GS) while Mars may have some areas where it is necessary to wear a molung (HM). The atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are poisonous to humans, making molungs a necessity when outside, but the Saturnian caves are 'air-conditioned' and confortable for humans (RS, MTS). The atmospheres of Mercury (FM) and Pluto (BS) are too thin to breathe and molungs or space helmets are required. The same applies to the moons of the planets, as none have atmospheres (MM, GT, ES, SD, WB), with the possible exception of Callisto (TS). Earth-like atmospheres can also be found outside the solar system, with a tenth planet beyond the orbit of Pluto having a breathable atmosphere (NP). The atmosphere of the planet Delta in the Alpha Centauri system is also Earth-like. The atmosphere of planet Lumen in the Sirius system lacks oxygen (PL), while that of Humida is believed to be poisonous but apparently has life preserving properties (TVC03)


Atom(ising) Gun

Weapon on board Galasphere 347 used to divert the whirlwind from its collision with Earth (DW). Fendoe has an 'atomising gun' on a tank-like vehicle at the mining base on the asteroid Omega (TVC04)


(N.B.. The Solarscope ship of Paul Starr is also armed with a weapon called the Atom Gun, which actually causes a powerful atomic explosion.)


Auntie Min

Relative of Professor Haggarty, with a penchant for gifts of gaudy coloured knitwear (TVC05).


Automatic Course Control

As the name implies, a system for automatically correcting the course of Galaspheres, while the crew are in the Freezer Cabin.


Automatic Pilot

Used to control the lead freighter of convoys (ES).


Automatic Time Control

System on Galaspheres that controls the length of time the crew are in the Freezer Cabin. It can be overridden or countermanded by the Zergon Ray.



Tara's aide at his palace on Callisto (TS)





Raiders of unknown origin who periodically terrorise the inhabitants of the tiny world of Larta (TVC11).


Barking Disease

Saturnian term for a cold, and the sneezing it causes. It proves fatal to Saturnians if untreated (MTS).


JimBarrett.jpgBarratt, Jim (right)

Head of the Underwater Sea Farm, where a percentage of Earth's crops are grown by robots (RR, MTS, JW).



Small flying mammals native to Earth, often alluded to when the ultrasonic communication of the Uranian Duo plants is discussed (DP, EVT). Large bat-like creatures inhabit the planet Humida, and are capable of flying for short periods in space (TVC03)



Criminal who, with two accomplices, attempt to blackmail Earth by using a laser to target cities on Earth. He and his men are presumably killed when the beam is reflected back at their hidden base on the Moon (MM).



Element which, when introduced to the surface of the Sun, causes vast explosions and climatic changes on Venus and Mars. It has other applications, one would hope, as a convoy of forty freighters full of the stuff was on its way to Pluto before being hi-jacked by Doctor Duncan. Unless the Martians there were hoping to pull a similar stunt in an attempt to warm their colony, that is (ES).



Star system 190 light years away from Earth. It is home to a race of benign, bell shaped creatures (TB).



Bell shaped aliens of indeterminate nature from a planet in the Betelguese system. They are refered to as being neither flesh & blood, metal or plastic, suggesting they are closest to plants in our terms or wholly alien. They have a single extendable leg and another extendable antennae which can transfer their life energies (left) or, in the case of cheeky Gabblerdictums, used to meter out physical punishment! Betelguesians can decode alien languages in their head in a very short space of time, and are extremely moral with 'Mr Bell' willing to sacrifice his life energies to sustain Dart during a rescue attempt (TB).


Betelguesian Mothership

Slender craft with projecting handles, it is parked in orbit close to Neptune while scout ships were despatched to other solar planets (TB)


Betelguesian Scoutship

Never seen but presumably fairly small, it ferries 'Mr Bell' to Earth from the Mothership near Neptune and is blasted down accidentally by Colonel Raeburn while on a shooting trip with Haggerty (TB)


Biological Department

Section of the UGO Scientific Headquarters, which Professor Haggarty wants to examine the planet from Uranus (DP)


Bird Song Translating Machine

Device invented by Professor Haggarty to understand the language of birds. It is used to teach Gabbler to speak English and alluded to many times, usually with regret (SN)



What Larry Dart thinks Husky and Gabbler also have in common, besides an owner and pet relationship (SN)



Large northern English town, known for its entertainment and tourist trades during the 20th and 21st centuries, and presumably still in existence in 2100 (MS)


'Blue Creatures' (right)

blue.jpgSmall inhabitants of a newly discovered world on which the only colour known is blue. They are wary of planet to planet salesmen and believe the crew of Galasphere 347 to be them. When warning them off leads to a misunderstanding, they declare war on Earth, only to be shocked into retreat by the hideously bright colours of Haggarty's bright jersey. A likely story! (TVC05)


'Blue Planet'

Newly discovered world which on exploration by Galasphere 347 was found to coloured only in blue - an effect of atmospheric light absorbtion. A misunderstanding with the creatures who inhabited it nearly led to a war which was avoided by Professor Haggarty's brightly coloured jersey... or so he would have us believe! (TVC05)


Blister Plants

Form of flora on the planet Lumen in the Sirius star system. The large 'blisters' contain oxygen which is lethal to the native crystalline Lumina but which fortunately sustain Dart when his backpack is damaged. Dart also brings some seeds and crystalline soil from Lumen and is able to glow a blister plant on Galasphere 347 by exposing it to light. Their usage in providing oxygen in space travel is incalculable (PL)


Bloxine Fuel

Propellant of the Betelguesian spacecraft (TB)


Boost Speed

Ability to increase meson power on Galaspheres, allowing them to travel in the region of a million miles per hour. It is considered dangerous and only used in emergencies (TS, TB). Freighters and colony ships have a similar capability, presumably with speeds equivilant to a Galasphere (SN).


Boots, Spiked

The special boots worn by the crew of Galasphere 347 on Mercury have spikes on the underside. These prevent the boots from coming into contact with the boiling surface and burning (FM).


Borra.jpgBorra, Professor

Clever, absent-minded and regrettably late inventor of the mechanical eye intended to protect the Venusian capitol Cresta from alien attack by destroying any craft not constructed of metals found on Venus, Earth and Mars. He was, according to the President of Venus, the most gifted scientist on Venus (EVT) but forgot Galaspheres were constructed of Plutonite, from Pluto, and the destruction of the approaching Galasphere 347 was only just averted. It would be amusing, though disrespectful of the dead, to suggest the hoverjet he was riding to inspect and adjust the Eye afterwards was also constructed of Plutonite and the cause of his death - but we just don't know... (EV)


Borse, Doctor

Scientist aiding the renegade Tirig and developer of the nerve gas used to blackmail Mars (SD).



Member of Marog's gang, with an eyepatch and brisque attitude (WB).


BS01.jpgBrog, Commander (far right)

Level-headed leader of the Martian mining colonists on Pluto (BS, FM).


Brog's Aide (right)

Martian assistant on the Mining Colony on Pluto. He has only been there a short while and has to have the function of the heat transmission towers explained to him (BS).


Brown, Doctor

Scientist at the Jupiter Scientific Headquarters (SS, TB, SG), who discovers water from a newly discovered lake causes inanimate objects to move. He is abducted by his own spacesuit when the wateris accidently spilt on him and has to be rescued by Larry Dart and Husky (WJ)


'Busy Lizzie'

Type 2 robot modified by Haggerty to recieve orders by thought from Colonel Raeburn. It has striped patterns on its body with an 'R' on its chest (presumably for Raeburn). The first order Raeburn gives is for it to water his flowers, but while on the Galasphere for tests Lizzie he tries to kiss Husky. Quite what Raeburn was thinking is anyone's guess! Affected by Raeburn's delirium while suffering from a virus, Lizzie distracts the crew of Galasphere 347 while investigating a new planet occupied by the Neptunians, though was able to redeem herself by rescuing them once Raeburn had recovered (TR).



The vacuum doors on Galaspheres apparently have a calling device for when crewmembers want to get back in! (DP, SW)





Moon of Jupiter and home to the art treasure thief Tara. The flight time from Earth is 21 days (TS).


Carbon Dioxide

Gas that is purportedly vital to the Saturnians, instead of oxygen (GS)


Cassie2.jpgCassiopeia Haggarty

Petite, dark haired daughter of Professor Haggarty, who prefers to be known as Cassie. She helps out in his laboratory at the Scientific Research Building at Space Headquarters and would also appear to look after him at home.



Small crystalline lifeform given to Larry Dart by the Lumina. It purrs and is refered to as a cat but it starts to fade not long after entering the Galasphere and is dead upon arrival on Earth, leaving only dark fibrous matter. Considering how much emphasis was put on how deadly oxygen is to the Lumina, one would assume that the crew of Galasphere 347 would have put two and two together but sadly for the late 'cat', it was not to be... (PL)



The drought situation on Mars is so bad that cattle have had to slaughtered (BS).


Central Control

Division of Space Patrol at Space Headquarters that deals with pre-launch checks on Galaspheres. This would appear to be the job of the secretary of the Colonel in charge.



Punishment of the alien space raider Voltek, into which he was strapped forever unless someone agreed to take his place (TVC10).



Type One Robot foreman at Jim Barratt's undersea farm (RR, MTS).



Never mentioned per se in the series but the plethera of reoccuring faces brings one to wonder if it isn't common or even rampant by 2100 !



Vast belt of electronically charged Zenton particles, three hundred and fifty thousand miles above the Earth, placed to deflect the solar heat and blackmail Raeburn into providing Neptune with slaves (CD).


Cloud Dispersal

By 2100, weather control has been established and is strictly controlled (CD).


Cloud Dispersal Officer

In charge of Weather Control, in the New York area at least (CD).



Compressed carbon formed from ancient animal and plant life. The fact there is carbon coal on Pluto indicates the planet may once have supported life millions of years ago (BS).



To have been allocated to all metals made on Earth, Venus and Mars to prevent them from being destroyed by the Eye invented by Professor Borra (EV).



Pluto.jpgMartian settlement on the planet Pluto, refered to on several occasions though we only see the mining complex (SN, BS, FM). There are also colonists on Ganymede (ES)


Colony Ship

Tapered end cigar shaped ship, used to transfer a thousand colonists to Pluto (SN). It is similar in shape and size to a freighter, and may be converted from one (VV).



One knocks an asteroid out of orbit on a collision course for the Martian capitol of Wotan (WA). Another is responsible for reviving the crew of Galasphere 347 on the limits of the Solar System when it nearly collides with the ship (NP).


Common Cold

Curable by the year 2100 by an inhalant of unspecified nature and origin. It is still prevailent though, and nearly becomes an epidemic on Saturn where it is fatal if untreated (MTS).


Communications Tower - see Radio Tower


Computer Centre

Refered to many times, and implied that there is at least one each on Earth (MM), Mars (WA) and Venus (NP).


Contamination Control

Used by Galasphere crews, and presumably at other points where interplanetary contact is possible, to prevent germs or infections from being passed from planet to planet. It may use ultraviolet light although this is never directly stated. It is presumably powerful enough to prevent the common cold (MTS)


Coney Island

Large amusement park near New York of the 20th and 21st centuries, and presumably still in existence in 2100 (MS)


RobotControl.jpgControl Tower

Tower close to Space Headquarters in New York that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Post Office Tower (now Telecom Tower) of the late 20th and early 21st century, which monitors space flight, presumably in conjunction with Space Headquarters. At other times it seems to be refered to as the Radio or Communications Tower.



Old fashioned term for the common head cold but seemingly back in popular usage by 2100. It can be cured by an inhalant (MTS).


Cosmic Radiation

Responsible for mutating the Tula Fish on Venus (HF) and possibly the large scale of life on Planet Ten (NP).



Generally what the men of the Space Patrol are referred to as (EVT)..



What the Gabblerdictum birds refer to paper money as (TF)..



Capitol city of Venus, ringed by a range of dormant volcanoes, on the east coast of the Magda Ocean (VV, HF, ES, EV, SF).




‘Danger Speed’

Term by which Galasphere crews refer to ‘boost speed’, and with good reason (TB)..



Asteroid on which the Sonar Beam Transmitter for Venus is based, twelve days and three hours from Earth. It is damaged by interstellar debris from an ancient exploded star and has to be repaired by the crew of Galasphere 347. (TVC01).



Aide to the President of Venus (ES).


Dart, Captain Larry (left)

Over the duration of the series, we learn very little about Larry Dart. He would appear to be in his thirties and a veteran of Space Patrol and the UGO. Sporting 'Viking' blond hair and a goatee beard with blue eyes (EVT), he is a consummate professional. We learn little of his private life, assuming he has one after the long periods of time spent in space, or family. When he was seven, he used to go 'bird nesting' for eggs (HI). He looks forward to leave but on more than one occasion seems restless and in need of something to do, whether it be fishing (RR, TVC02), investigating a mystery on Mars (TF) or rock climbing on the Moon (DS). This zeal for action sometimes makes him volunteer for the most dangerous missions (EV), something Colonel Raeburn is aware of but rarely takes advantage of (WA)



Owner of a Lunalt Mining Complex on the Moon who discovered the Termoids and was blackmailed into smuggling them to Earth (TVC09)..



Rare metal once found on Earth and used in atomic reactors but when supplies were used up, a source was found on the asteroid Omega. It is also found in a liquid form on the asteroid, and these can form geysers on the surface (TVC04)..



The Dell capitol on Northern Jupiter (SW)


Deep Water Reservoirs

A suggestion by Marla in response to the rapid temperature rises caused by Dr Duncan, but it would take too long to implement before the heat became critical (ES)


Defence Ships (right)

defence.jpgGlimpsed rising from Earth to counter John Magnum's attack with giant alien bats, these are slender white, winged ships with red livery that belong the Space Army (TVC03)



Tall emaciated aliens who occupy Northern Jupiter. Despite their fragile appearance they are immensely strong and war-like, especially their leader, and have been in conflict with the planet's other race, the Miocells, for years (SW)..



Habitable Earth-like planet of the star system Alpha Centauri and home to Yria (MS, DS)..


Deltee.jpgDelta Power Unit

Device constructed by Yria and installed in the meson power unit of Galasphere 347 to enable it to travel faster than light (MS, DS). The jouney to Alpha Centauri is made in about four months, which would mean a velocity in excess of twelve times the speed of light.


Deltees (left)

Inhabitants of the planet Delta in the Alpha Centauri star system, or at least that is what Professor Zeffer dubs them. Pulsating, floating bodies with a banded head and a single glowing eye, they can teleport over vast distances and communicate telepathically (MS). The Deltees develop computers so advanced they can create living matter but as they did not want to increase the population a giant brain was made. This unfortunately turned malevolant and had to be destroyed (DS)


Dictum Forest

Forest on Mars which the Gabblerdictum came from (TF, HI, HM), and also home to the Aba bird (HI, HM) and the Glook (TF). It is a Wildlife Preserve and weapons are not permitted on the territory (TF)


Dictum Tree

Large growths on Mars, the leaves of which form the favorite food of Gabblerdictum birds, including Gabbler (TF)


Duncan, Doctor

Scientist who used to used to work for Professor Haggarty but was fired for trying to steal an invention. He tries to extort resources from Venus and Earth by causing explosions on the Sun which raise the temperature on the inner planets to unbearable levels (ES)..



DuoCave.jpgIndigenous, intelligent and belligerent plant life from the planet Uranus. One small specimen was brought back by an expedition was found to be able to walk and communicate ultrasonically. This resulted in Galasphere 347 being despatched to make contact when it was theorised the small plant might only be ‘a child’. The plants reacted hostilely to the visit but ultrasonic recordings were made in an attempt at future communication (DP). Before this was possible the plants, who refered to themselves as Duos, launched a subversive invasion plan by taking over the minds of key members of Space Headquarters who would allow a fleet of craft to land unopposed (II). When this was defeated, a further more direct attempt was made by sending radio waves to cause localised earthquakes on Earth. This, too, was repelled and the feedback destroyed the Duo base (JW). Despite the high regard for life - alien or otherwise - Space Patrol usually has, the Duos seem to be the only species to be subject to a ‘destroy on sight’ policy. When the Duo ship is discovered after their first invasion attempt, it is blown out of the sky without so much as a by your leave (II). The same punishment is metered out to a second ship despatched to spy on Space Headquarters (JW).



Still used as an explosive in 2100 (WA, WB)






Telepathy protecting fashion accessory, made from the filaments of Haggarty’s brain wave protectors (PT).



Third planet from the Sun in our solar system and home to the human race. Little is known of Earth in 2100 but there appear to be no wars even though military organisations are evident to overcome threats from hostile aliens or renegade movements within the UGO (MM, SD). There are still individual nations and countries, such as Asia and France (MTS, TS). There is strict weather control (CD) and a population explosion means that farming for food supplies is now on the ocean floors by robots (RR, MTS, PT, JW).



Professor Haggarty has been trying to get hens to lay square eggs, which are easier to pack, without considering the consequences for the poor hens in trying to lay them. When he eventually succeeds though the eggs have no yoke! It is interesting to speculate whether the idea was inspired by the eggs of the Aba bird (HI, HM). A large egg containing a brilliant luminescent fluid that could be used to light Martian homes and save energy is found on Titan but found to be the offspring of strange creatures Slim dubs ‘humming dogs’. What happens to them is never revealed (GT)..



Electran.jpgElectronic Translator, a large disc like device worn on the chest of members of Space Patrol and scientific expeditions to other planets, which automatically translates the various languages into your own tongue. Set the dial ('V' for Venus, 'M' for Mars, 'J' for Jovian) and the language is broken down into microdots. These dots are then imprinted onto a mechanised roller giving a vocabulary of a thousand words - more than enough for comprehension (SJ, SS, WJ). The ultrasonic language of the plant life forms of Uranus is recorded during a visit there (DP) but never seems to be translated. Saturnian language is recorded, translated and added to the Electran after the first visit by Larry Dart (RS, MTS, GS).


Electric Charge

Powerful weapon used by alien raider Voltek to disable ships and steal their cargo (TVC10)..


Electric Discharge Guns

Devices used to counteract the effects of the 'walking water' from Jupiter (WJ)..


Electromagnetic Field

Supposedly a by-product of the Galasphere’s interplanetary overdrive, the flickering bubble of energy that surrounds it in flight. It can be switched on or off, but when on will block the Galasphere’s own scanners and communications. It can also block telepathic influence, act as a defence against missiles and be expanded to encompass other ships, if need be (SN, TR)..



Strange orange light that hunts down and disintegrates life forms on a vast artificial worldship encountered by Galasphere 347. It destroys one of the wild quadrapeds, allowing enough time for Dart, Slim and Haggarty to escape, and may have been the cause of the disappearance of the occupants (AN02)



Language is very polite and expletive free in 2100 but occasionally characters have cause to exclaim their surprise or disbelief. Phrases like “Space Help Us!” (Brog - BS), “Space Around Me!” (Raeburn - GT) and "Space Race!" (Raeburn - TB) seem the favourites, though the Irish Professor Haggarty uses his own particular brand of native phrases such as "Bejabbers!" and "Shivering Shamrocks!"



Dynamite is still widely used in 2100 (WA, HF) although nuclear devices still exist (HF, ES). All Galaspheres reputedly carry a small supply of explosives, according to Colonel Raeburn (ES). The Deltees of Alpha Centauri have an similar explosive they call tynite (DS)



Defensive device invented by Venusian scientist Borra. It can detect any craft not made of metals from Venus, Earth and Mars and destroy them. Regretably Borra forgets that Galaspheres are made from Plutonite, from Pluto, and the destruction of Galasphere 347 is only just averted during a test. Borra is killed under unusual circumstances travelling to adjust the Eye, and when it prevents anything from approaching it has to be destroyed (EV).



Fendoe.jpgFaster Than Light Travel - see Delta Power Unit and Ruminov Metal.


Fendoe, Doctor (left)

Boss of the Dectium mines on asteroid Omega, who attempts to blackmail Earth into paying whatever price he wants for the rare metal (TVC04).



Still in evidence on Venus, though the evolving Tula Fish took umbrage to the business (HF). It is still a relaxing recreational, and Marla suggests it as a break for Colonel Raeburn (DW). It is also a favourite holiday pasttime of Larry Dart (WA, RR) though it does occasioally get him into trouble... (TVC01, TVC02)


Floats, The

Muscular wasting condition, caused by continual living in low or zero gravity environments such the Moon or artificial satellites. The muscles atrophy to such a degree that the body shuts down, killing a person. It is cured by a protein, or synthesised version of it, found in the square eggs of the Aba Bird from Mars (HI).



World which is home to advanced and potentially hostile plant life and where contact with two Galaspheres had been lost. It is discovered the plants had enslaved the native humanoids and also the Galasphere crews (TVC08).


Flying Saucer

Getaway craft used by a gang of crooks to leave Earth with stolen gold bullion (TVC02).


Fowler, Captain

Space Patrol officer in overall charge of a two Galasphere mission to newly discovered planet M17. He is court-martialed when his second-in-command Lieutenant Roget lands his Galasphere despite there scenes of strange alien monsters there (HS01).



Freezer.jpgUnit of currency on both Venus (UA) and Mars (SF).


Freezer Unit (right)

All Galaspheres have freezer units, to send the crew into hibernation for the long transit times involved in traversing the solar system. There is also a freezer unit in the Space Headquarters hospital (SS). Dart sometimes refers to the Galasphere unit as ‘the freezer locker’ (UA, WB)..


Freezer Unit, Portable

Sealed container resembling a clear sleeping bag, used to transport Husky to Professor Zeffer’s observatory on Mars in an attempt to cure him of his invisible condition (HI).



See Husky's Technical Manual: Freighters


Freighter Convoy

A convoy of forty freighters under robot control that are hijacked by Doctor Duncan. The robots are controled from the lead freighter, identified by being striped apparently (ES).


Freightship 182

Freighter denied the latest shipment of the rare metal Dectium from the asteroid Omega (TVC04).



Plant fungus with incredibly infectious qualities that threatens Earth with famine, spreading across Asia, India, Borneo and half the Caribbean as well as the underwater sea farms. It appears as large blisters but can be stopped and cured by contact with plants from Saturn (MTS).. Dart believes an area of the Dictum Forset on Mars has been affected by a fungus, turning it to desert (TF). A real fungus does strike Mars later, which is dealt with by a powerful fungicide dispersed over the planet by Galasphere 347 (DW). A rock found on asteroid Danta turns out to be an oxygen absorbing fungus, which grows to a vast size when brought to Earth (TVC01)





GabblerGala.jpgGabbler, The (left)

A Martian parrot, though walking upright and as tall as a small child. Husky brings one to Earth as a pet and Professor Haggarty teaches it to speak English through his birdsong translator (SN), after which the problem is getting him to stop talking! Gabbler has mauve feathers (EVT) though other Gabblerdictums may be coloured differently.



Species of large Martian bird, and refered to as their equivilant of a parrot in that it mimics speech. They can fly in the lower gravity of their native Mars (TF, HM) . Their favourite food is the leaves of the Dictum Tree, and only Gabbladictums have the strength and guile to deal with the large insectoid Glooks that live in the Dictum Forset (TF).


Galactic Control

Division of Space Patrol that monitors interplanetary travel, probably based in the Control Tower (SN)..


Galactic Forces, The

Presumably another term for the United Galactic Army (SJ)..


Galactic Union, The

Possibly another term for the United Galactic Organisation (TVC11)..


Galasphere 024

Replacement Galasphere used by Larry Dart and the crew of Galasphere 347 in an emergency situation, when their own would not have been rehabiitated in time (SJ)


Galasphere 103

Galasphere despatched by Space Headquarters to divert the freighter convoy back to Ganymede (ES)..


Galasphere 109

Galasphere despatched to Jupiter to collect the Lumi Pebbles that could cure Dart and Slim from shrinking (SG).


Galasphere 185

Galasphere3.jpgGalasphere ordered to return to Earth by Robot Control during the Duo invasion (II).


Galasphere 347 (right)

The main Galasphere used by Captain Larry Dart and his crew. It literally collapses after the return journey at faster than light speeds from the planet Delta in the star system Alpha Centauri (MS), though is presumably rebuilt or replaced with another Galasphere with the same number.


Galasphere 774

One of two Galaspheres sent to explore planet M17, and commanded by Lieutenant Roget (HS01).


Galasphere 971

Galasphere in the vicinity of Mars that gives a bearing on the escaping criminal saucer (TVC02).



The main ships of the Space Patrol, each crewed by an Earthman, a Martian, a Venusian and a robot. On Galasphere 347, the Earthman is the Captain but it is not known if this is the arrangement for all. The appearance of a Galasphere is a thick metallic ring encircling a cylindrical core and linked by three tubes - almost akin to a child’s spinning top. They have been in use for at least twenty years - most probably longer - when one was lost and was later discovered to have landed on a tenth planet beyond the orbit of Pluto (NP).


GalaMevin.jpgAn accurate of a Galasphere is difficult to determine, as even the scale and size is questionable when seen in relation to its crew. Entry is usually via the vacuum door (or doors - it is unclear whether there is more than one) in the ring. Given the size of a door on the outer ring, which is used by the docking facility at Space Headquarters, the ship could be about 60 feet (18 metres) high with a ring diameter of about 65 feet (20 metres) but this would make it rather small especially when seen in relation to a colony ship supposedly housing 1000 people (SN). Even the size of the control room and other areas of the Galasphere seem incongruous with its external size.


Each Galasphere houses a control room, a freezer unit for hibernation on long voyages (we speculate, from the size and shape, that this may occupy one of the ‘spokes’ between the core and ring), a meson unit (situated at the top of the core, though a rotating disc that is part of the mechanism is in the ring near the vacuum door (HM)) which provides the power for the three drives: primary, orbital and interplanetary overdrive - and several hover jets. Despite patrols through the solar system, Galaspheres do not have the means to handle situations on every planet and require specialised equipment (SJ). This again may be a factor that indicates the Galaspheres are not that large. They are capable of atmospheric flight (NP, EV), as well as travelling underwater (HF, JW).



Slim’s uncle on Venus. He was a member of the ruling council but was expelled for speaking against the President, believing Venus should be the superior planet in the Unitd Galactic Organisation. He threatens to take power and nearly succeeds using a powder that causes temporary paralysis. His plan is discovered by Slim and thwarted by the crew of Galasphere 347 (VV).


Gamma Ray Gun

Also refered to as just Gamma Guns. These seem to be the main weapons of Space Patrol. They may have different settings, emitting a form of visible electrical discharge (SS, HF) or an explosive projectile effect (MS). They can also be used for drilling (WA, BS).



Satellite of Jupiter and location of a Research Centre for Space Medicine. The Director was a Venusian but he is superceded, perhaps forcibly, by Doctor Duncan (ES)



A nerve gas is used by Tyrig to try and over throw power (SD). A strange gas like mist also causes Slim and Dart to shrink when exposed to it (SG).



Oversized inhabitant of a tenth planet beyond the orbit of Pluto. The large size of all animal and plant life is attributed to cosmic radiation (NP).



Race of alien scientists who collect samples from other planets and 'steal' an entire power station - plus terrified occupants! - until Larry Dart is bravely able to show them the error of their ways (TVC07).


Glooks (right)

TF03.jpgLarge, quadruped insects from the Dictum Forest on Mars. They have three eyes, interspaced with three horns or feelers, and a vicious possibly deadly bite. They find forged bank notes quite useful in the construction of their nests. Only Gabblerdictum birds are capable of overcoming them without the use of a weapon (TF).



Bullion stolen from the UGO by space pirates. You can’t mistake the stuff, as it conveniently has ‘UGO Gold’ written in large letters in each ingot, which is quite handy when trying to incriminate the culprits. (UA)


Gold Mines

The Venusian Tara controls all the gold mines on Callisto, and inspects them every day (TS)



Apparent still considered a relaxing pasttime in 2100, though not necessarily by Larry Dart (RR)


Gravity Repulsion Field

Mentioned several times before its usage is explained by its absense. Old fashioned rockets did not have gravity repulsion, making take off uncomfortable, so it can be assumed it reduces g-forces during acceleration (FX).



Gabblerdictumese for pencil (SN).



Haggarty, Professor Aloysius O’Brien O’Rourke

Irish scientist who works at the Scientific Headquarters of the UGO. By turns genius and madman (according to others) Haggarty is an inventor who is usually developing various devices or processes for use in space. He has a daughter, Cassie, who lives with him and seemingly looks after him so we have to presume Mrs Haggarty is no longer around. When not involved in UGO matters, his personal bugbear is his own hair loss and trying to invent a means to prevent it. Even that turns out to have a use, when the electronic hair restorer leads to a solution to an alien invasion (II). He has a niece and nephew, which suggests he has a married brother or sister, who occasionally visit =, and also an Aunt Min, who knits him a hideiously coloured cardigan! (TVC05)


Hair Restoring Machine

Transparent cabinet and unit in one corner of Professor Haggarty's laboratory, that he uses to try and restore his thinning hair. It also has the useful property of shielding against Duo mind control (II, HM).


‘Hairy Men’ (right)

HM01.jpgLarge, primitive Martians, some three thousand of which still occupy the Toohera region of Mars. (HM)


Holy Tree of Saturn

Religious icon of the Saturnians, purportedly sporting purple leaves. Larry Dart inadvertantly breaks a law when he innocently takes some of these leaves from it on mankind's first contact with the planet, and narrowly avoids an interplanetary incident (RS). Dart is allowed to keep the leaves, which is fortuitous as they turn out to be the cure for a virilent fungus attacking Earth's crops (MTS)


Hover Jets

See Husky's Technical Manual: Hover Jets



The 'poisoned planet', some twenty-eight days from Earth. The atmosphere, however, is not as poisonous as once supposed and has strange properties such as sustaining and prolonging human life. It is also home to a species of large bat-like creatures (TVC03)


‘Humming Dogs’

Strange, oviparous form of life found on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, resembling a cross between a bulbous skittle and (allegedly) a dog in that the head has two eyes, a snout and long ears. They move by hovering and gliding and seem perfectedly adapted to life in space and low gravity. It is not known if they are native to Titan, Saturn or from elsewhere entirely. Their scarcity on Titan may imply the latter (GT)



HuskyCol.jpgGalasphere 347’s resident engineer and walking stomach, Husky has large blue eyes and a head of short brown, spiky hair. Possibly in his late twenties, though as Martian years are longer that would make him at least as old as Larry Dart, Husky is well built and the tallest of the crew being seven feet tall (EVT). It is never revealed whether Husky is his real name or a nickname derived from his deep, breathy voice.

Fond of Martian sausages in particular and food in general, he has little interests outside his momentous appetite but he seems to hanker after some female company - especially the pretty type - when stricken with a shrinking condition (SS). Whether this hints at loneliness is never expanded upon but he does get a pet in the form of a Martian Gabblerdictum Bird which he brings to Earth where, presumably, Husky lives when on duty.

He is very proud of his Martian heritage, and enjoys returning to Mars for leave, though it would seem he can go on about how great the planet is, to the boredom of certain Irish professors (HS02).





Interceptor Missiles

See Husky's Technical Manual: Interceptors


Interplanetary Overdrive

The main drive used by Galaspheres for interplanetary travel. It may also be refered to as Transfinitive Drive (SJ). The maximum safe speed of Galasphere 347 is 800,000 miles per hour (SN) with the standard speed being 500,000 mph (WA). An emergency speed of 1,000,000 mph is rarely used, as it is dangerous (TB). Tests to bring that up to 2,000,000 mph being carried out (MS). 800,000 mph is consistent with the travel times quoted to most planets though.

Example - Flight time to Saturn (880 million miles from the sun) is 44 days (RS). At 800,000 mph, a Galasphere would travel 19.2 million miles a day and traverse 844.8 million miles in the time given.


Ion Gun

Means of personal travel in space, comprising of a slender rod that emits a sparkling energy at one end as a form of propulsion. They can also be used in very low gravity environments, such as close to an asteroid (WA, CD, VV, FX).


Ionospheric Storms

Storms in the ionosphere of Jupiter which hamper communications with other planets. A Galasphere in orbit around the planet can usually send and receive communications to the surface, to check scientific expeditions at regular intivals (SJ). Ionospheric storms prevent Space Headquarters from warning fifteen Galaspheres still in space that the robots have revolted, making it necessary for Raeburn to remain behind until contact can be established (RR).



Being from the planet Delta in the star system of Alpha Centauri, over four light years from Earth. A pulsating, floating body with a banded head and a single glowing eye, Irya can teleport over vast distances and communicates telepathically. It aids in the construction of a specialised power unit that enables Galasphere 347 to travel faster than light and make the journey back in only four months (MS). Irya returns for help when its planet comes under the rule of a malignant superbrain (DS).





Jackson.jpgJackson (left)

Bearded Martian Guard on Ganymede whom Slim overpowers and impersonates in order to get the robot beryllium freighters (ES).



Tyro’s aide on Neptune (SN, CD, TR, DW, FX), although he is is not named until after returning from Earth on a mission to join the UGO (PT).


Jet Engine

Some freighters have jet engines for atmospheric flight (VV).



United Galactic Force ship initially ordered to investigate Uranus, then told to stay away from the planet by a controlled General Smith (II).


Joe (right)

JoTrio.jpgNative Jovian who signals Galasphere 024 when it patrols Jupiter to investigate the disappearance of the scientific expedition. He is braver than his fellow Jovians, who have hidden in the swamps in response to the massacre of the Lumis. He develops an unusual attachment to Larry Dart, asking him to stay and make a home with him. Or is it a her? (SJ) He is bitten by a snake and askes for a Lumi Pebble as a cure, which also aids Husky’s recovery from shrinking (SS). Joe seems quite at home with the humans on the Jupiter Scientific HQ, and they accept him quite readily too as a guide (WJ, SG). He is always keen to see Dart, refering to him as ‘his favourite human’, though he seems fond of 'big man with spike hair' - Husky, that is - too (SS, WJ).



Technician from Earth who steals away on Galasphere 347 bypassing Contamination Control. He attempts to gain possession of the leaves that will cure a fungus that is destroying Earth crops (MTS).



Bulbous beings with slim, intertwined necks and rotating heads with large eyes and snout. Mall refers to them as stupid but Joe (the only Jovian we see) gives the impression they are more timid in nature, hiding in the swamps when Mall starts killing the Lumis. Their native speech is a high pitched whistling, though Dart refers to it as ‘buzzing’. (SJ) Contact with the Jovians has obviously been established for a while, as the Elektrans have their language programmed in. Although their own planet’s air is poisonous to humans, Martians and Venusians, Jovians also seem to to have no problem breathing the air in the Jupiter Scientific HQ (SJ, SS, WJ, SG).



Fifth and largest planet in the solar system. Contact with the native Jovians has been established for a while and scientific expeditions have started to explore the planet. Strong ionospheric storms periodically make communications difficult with other planets, requiring Galaspheres to make routine orbital checks of the planet to establish contact. The air and water is poisonous to humans, Martians and Venusians but the Jovians appear to have no problem breathing the air of the expedition bases with any aid. (SJ, SS, WJ, TB). When Earth is threatened with destruction, a planned evacuation is to Jupiter (DW).

It is openly stated that two other warring cultures, the Dells and the Miocells, inhabit the northern hemisphere of the planet in the Secret Weapon storybook. While this is feasible, as Jupiter is still being explored in the series and ionospheric storms may have delayed their discovery, it does seem to contradict what is seen on-screen.


Jupiter Scientific H.Q.




Permanent base on one area of Jupiter, still largely unexplored in 2100. The first crew there are human but are killed by Mall and his assistant (SJ). A replacement team comprising of Doctors Smith and Brown arrive shortly after (SS) and discover a lake, the water from which causes inanimate objects to move (WJ). The scientific team are also on hand to assist when Dart becomes trapped underground (TB) and when Slim and Dart succumb to a shrinking gas on a later visit (SG).




Compound in Galasphere medical kits used as a heavy duty pain killer but which also simulates death (WB).


Kamakolia Lizard

Creature indiginous to the planet Delta, whose horn is strong enough to act as an alternative to metal (MS)



Type 2 robot modified by Haggerty to receive orders by thought wave and act as house keeper while Cassie is on holiday. Men, honestly... ! (TR)



Compound invented by Dr Mason that has superior insulation properties. A Martian industrialist called Kolig, realising the profit in such a material, kidnapped Dr Mason in order to control its manufacture and distribution (SF)



A hobby, Husky implies, among lonely Martian crewmembers (MM)



Martian industrialist who kidnaps Dr Mason, the inventor of Kinotine, obtains the secret of its production and has the doctor killed. His plan is thwarted when given a newly discovered truth formula and questioned live on Martian television. His initials are W.J. (SF)



Proper name, apparently, for the common cold germ (MTS)





Larta (right)

Larta.jpgSmall world on the edge of the solar system and home to pioneers who left Earth many years ago (TVC11).



Human colonists who inhabit the small world of Larta in a vast domed city. They had been terrorised by space bandits for many years and called upon Earth for help. Driven to desperation, they abduct Professor Haggarty until Galasphere 347 can drive the bandits away or secure their safety (TVC11).



Acronym for Light Amplified and Stimulated by Emissions of Radiation. Lasers still seem in use in 2100 although some consider them to have been replaced by Gamma Ray weaponry. Berridge uses a powerful moon-based laser to attack Earth (MM) but no laser has the strength to destroy the Zenton cloud placed by the Neptunians (CD). The Martian colonists on Pluto use them, presumably for mining but also to cut ice for building blocks (BS). A laser is later set up in Moon Crater Four, and used to destroy the threatening artificial planet built by the Neptunians (DW).


Laser Gun

Armament carried aboard Galaspheres, though from its appearance it may be another or generic term for a gamma ray gun (DP). The Galaspheres seem to be armed with a larger, more powerful type (JW)



Early description of the Uranian Duo plant creatures (DP, EVT).


Leyhart Building, The (left)

Destroyed by a Moon-based laser controlled by Berridge (MM). It would seem the rebuilt construction was equally unlucky, meeting a similar fate at the ultrasonics used by the Duos (JW).


Lumi Pebble

White smooth ‘stones’ that are played with by the Lumis on Jupiter. They do not seem to be a natural mineral and may come from the Lumis themselves, though it is never stated what it is. Ground into powder and mixed in water, it cures the shrinking caused by the venom of Jovian Snakes (SS). A similar condition caused by contamination from a meteorite found on Pallas (SS), and a gaseous vapour encountered on Jupiter (SG) were also cured by it.



Refered to as the only animal life on Jupiter, they resemble dark furry seals with large eyes. Their skins retain heat for years, making them a valuable if unethical commodity (SJ). Their calls are refered to as ‘barking’, which they do often during the mating season. They are also the source of Lumi Pebbles, white ‘stones’ which they play with (SS, SG).



Planet orbiting the star Sirius and home to the crystalline Lumina. There are a million Lumina living there, and the region they inhabit is in darkness for six hours at a time, suggesting a planetary rotation of twelve or so hours. (PL)


Lumina (right)

Silicon-based, glowing crystalline life forms from the planet Lumen orbiting the star Sirius. Roughly cylindrical and a few feet high, they float by an unknown means and can communicate telepathically. They are advanced, recharging themselves by the light of Sirius itself, and capable of faster-than-light space travel - the journey taking a matter of hours. They have never travelled to our solar system prior to encountering Galasphere 347 and while the oxygen atmosphere on the UGO worls make visits difficult for the Lumina, Raeburn is eager for Haggarty to find a way to protect them for future visits (PL)


Lumina Ship

Resembing a dumbell with nodules on each sphere, it seemingly appears out of nowhere from travelling faster than light. Its similarity in design to Neptunian ships leads one to suspect they may have had contact in the past, though it is never mentioned (PL).



Extremely hard mineral mined on the Moon by the Dawlish Mining Company, and the only ore Termoids cannot burrow through (TVC09).


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