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Space Patrol (1962) Encyclopedia - Part 2






Small, newly discovered planet on the edge of explored space, seemingly inhabited by fearsome monsters when viewed by the new Vitascope but found to be devoid of animal life on exploration (HS01).



Bearded Martian in the employ of Berridge and operator of the laser weapon used to blackmail Earth (MM).


Magda Ocean

Ocean on the planet Venus, and home to the Tula Fish, or at least the ones evolving naturally now (HF).


Magnum, John

Astronaut, missing and presumed dead by the year 2100. He left Earth when he was refused a position of power and crashed on Humida, finding the atmosphere was not as poisonous as previously supposed. Instead it sustained him and kept him alive for seventy years. It also sustained the bat-like creatures which became his servants and abducted scientists in an attempt to invade Earth (TVC03).



A type 1Robot (left) used by Raeburn at Space Headquarters (TS, JW, WB).



The Miocell capitol on Northern Jupiter (SW).


Marla (right)

MarlaArt.jpgVenusian secretary of Colonel Raeburn. Silver haired, classically attractive and super efficient, she is extremely loyal to Raeburn and reluctant to abandon him even in time of crisis (RR, MM), and it is suggested there is a caring, though platonic, friendship when he falls ill (HF, TR). We rarely see her out from behind her desk but she does socialise with Professor Haggarty’s daughter Cassie, and occasionally Slim, although it is indicated the two Venusians simply enjoy each others company (RR). She seems to be ignored by the Duo mind control, perhaps believing that Venusian loyalty would not make her question Raeburn’s odd behavior but they do not allow for her intelligence and sense of right. Her bringing of the situation to the attention of Professor Haggarty leads to the invasion being thwarted (II).



Extremist criminal who, with members of his gang, build a hydrogen bomb to blackmail the Martian President into giving them a free pardon. He perishes when Mars strikes back at his base on the Martian moon Phobos with a missile attack (WB).



A small Martian town a hundred miles from the capitol (TW).



Fourth planet of the solar system, three-quarters of which is desert (WB) There are no hydrogen clouds around the planet, which makes trying to create artificial rain clouds in an attempt to overcome drought difficult (WB). It seems to have a perpetual energy crisis (GT).


DrMarshall02.jpgMarshall, Doctor (left)

Scientist on the Moon Observatory. (ES, DW, FX)


Martian Franc

Unit of currency on Mars (SF).


Martian Measles

Infectious virus characterised by spiral spots, and requiring quarantine from other Martians. It can also be caught by humans (HS02)


Martian President - see President of Mars


Martian Sausage

Delicacy that Husky is particularly fond of (FM, TR, JW) but which is reputed to be quite evil smelling (SW) which is perhaps why no-one other than Martians are seen eating them.



Humanoid race native to Mars. They are well-built and tall with most being seven foot tall (TW, EVT) and physically strong, with wiry or spiky hair, wide faces and staring eyes. Or at least the males are, as we never see any Martian females - at least not knowingly. The Martian accent is vaguely Teutonic, and an ‘M’ on the Elektrans indicates they have their own language, though we only hear it once (HM). Prior to contact with Earth, the Martians had no knowledge of science (PT) which may explain the energy crisis on their planet (GT). While superficially similar to humans, Martians have a different physiology which means they are not affected by a toxic fungicide (DW) or get electric shocks as easily (JW). Most Martian names end in the letter 'G' - Brog, Marog, Tirig etc - which suggests that 'Husky' may just be a nickname, but this is not conclusive.


Mason, Doctor

Scientist who develops Kinotine. He is abducted by Kolig in an attempt to obtain the rights to it, and then killed in a rocket accident when apparently freed to return home (SF).


Mall, Doctor (far right)

SJ01.jpgMartian scientist who killed Lumis on Jupiter to sell their skins for profit (SJ)..


Mall’s Assistant (right)

Martian who killed the scientific expedition on Jupiter, although he didn’t mean to. He believes by letting Dart know what the Lumi skins are for, that the Space Patrol captain may be persuaded by a percentage of the profits (SJ).



Still a recognised form of decoration for bravery in 2100. Slim is given a medal by the Venusian President for foiling Gallia's plan (VV). See also: United Galactic Cross



Closest planet to the sun, with a gravity only one third of Earth. It is uninhabited but would appear to have been explored in the past as no big deal is made of Galasphere 347 landing there to install a transmitter (FM). Journey time is three days, four hours from Earth. Galasphere 347 is sent on a routine patrol of Mercury while testing the range of 'Busy Lizzie's' telepathic control range (TR).


Meson/Meeson/Meesen Power

Main power source of the Galaspheres. The Meson Unit is at the top of the central cylinder, rising and falling in accordance with power usage, though part of the mechanism is the rotating discs, referred to as 'orbiting wheels' (EVT), seen by the vacuum door (HM). It seems very prone to failing, doing so in several episodes (BS, GT, HM).



Venusian industrialist who moves a newly discovered asteroid, composed out the rare mineral Plutonite, to an orbit close to his home planet to exploit it more profitably. While negotiating with him for the Plutonite, Dart and Husky discover he is behind acts of space piracy and is in possession of stolen UGO gold (UA).


Marga.gifMiocells (left)

Peaceful four-armed humanoids who live on Northern Jupiter, and who have been at war with the aggresive Dells for a hundred years (SW)



Large parabolic reflector, variations of which are used several times. A mirror reflects and concentrates the sun’s rays on the cloud of Zenton particles, burning it away (CD) and one made of Roxite is used to deflect Berridge’s laser attacks back at his moon crater base (MM). A reflector is used to interfere with radio waves beamed from Uranus, resulting in the waves feeding back and destroying the Duos responsible (JW). There’s nothing quite like getting your own back, is there?



See Husky's Technical Manual: Missiles


‘Mr Bell’

Domoid alien from the star system of Betelguese. Resembling a large woolly hat, ‘Mr Bell’ is stranded on Earth when Raeburn accidentaly shoots his ship down. Gabbler makes fun of him and then he nearly doesn’t survive the trip back to his mothership when Galasphere 347 is diverted to Jupiter. Dart falls into, and becomes trapped in, a hole and the alien sacrifices nearly all his life energies to sustain him during the lengthy process of digging him out. After which, the Betelguesians are never heard from again. Strange, that... (TB).



molungs.gifMobile Lung, comprising of a cylindrical helmet and later on, a back pack with oxygen tanks. There may be two types of helmet in use - an early version, seen only on Jupiter, seems to be constructed of gauze (right) and may only filter an atmosphere’s harmful elements (SJ, SS). The other, more common version is of a clear material (far right) and may serve as a space or diving helmet (RR, HF, JW) as well, protecting the wearer completely.


Monarch, The

Spaceliner that cruises between Earth and Mars and is used by the World Science Bureau to take scientists to a conference. It is raided by John Magnum, and the scientists abducted by him (TVC03).


Mona Lisa

Still resident in the Louvre in Paris, France until stolen by Tara. It is retrieved by Dart, along with other stolen treasures, using Haggarty’s time watch (TS).



The main form of transport around Space Headquarters. Cigar shaped and seemingly only seating two, they travel through a network of transparent plastic steel tubes around New York of the future and, one would assume, most other cities on Earth. They are capable of speeds up to 200 miles per hour (EVT). Raeburn asks Marla to get ‘his monobile’, implying they may be owned personally but this is not clear as no-one else does (DP, TF, FM). It would seem they are under some form of automatic control, as Gabbler is seen using one (RR). The transport tubes may also employ an air conditioning system, as Raeburn refers to going for a drive and getting some fresh air (TS). Larger passenger carrying versions are also seen (TVC07). Monobiles are not in evidence on Mars or Venus, and may be an Earth invention.



Natural satellite of Earth, orbiting at a distance of 240,000 miles. It has been mined extensively with little new mining in a hundred years (MM), though an ore called Lunalt still provides a thriving industry (TVC09). Dart uses the mountains there for recreational climbing (DS). It may also be home to a technologically advanced species of burrowing creatures called Termoids who live in its hollow centre (TVC09).


Moon Crater Four

Site of a laser used to destroy the threatening artificial planet built by the Neptunians (DW)


Moon Observatory

It investigates the artificial cloud that threatens Earth (CD) and also observes explosions on the Sun (ES). It is manned by various scientists, but notably the bearded Doctor Marshall, who discovers the artificial planet made by the Neptunians (DW)


Moon Station One (below)

Lunar base commanded by the Venusian Major Valla (MM)




Morse Code

An old form of communication in 2100 but still well known enough to be understood, even by Martians (SN). The pulse beam communications from planet Delta in the star system of Alpha Centauri use a form of morse code to relay messages (MS, DS)





Eighth planet of the solar system, home to a race of highly advanced but atrophied humanoids. It has higher gravity than Earth but the air has been purified and apparently oxygenated as molungs are not needed (PT). Travel time is variable according to the vast distance, ranging from 12 weeks (SN) to 4 months, twenty days (PT) The surface is depicted as bleak and rocky, and it is reasonable to assume the Neptunians never lived on the surface owing to the cold conditions and distance from the sun. Doctor Duncan, curiously, plans to escape to there when his plan fails (ES).


Neptunian Ship

Resembling a silvery dumbell with nodules at either end, it conveys Tyro to Earth and back when he seemingly agrees to join the UGO (PT). A fleet of 60 of them are used to dispense magnetic particles around Earth in another attempt to extort slaves (FX).


Neptunians.jpgNeptunians (left)

Bald slender humanoids with large faceted eyes and small mouths. They communicate telepathically, luminescing when doing so, and are apparently thousands of years ahead but want nothing to do with other races. However, they know a lot about Earth, such as the existence of Space Headquarters and Colonel Raeburn. They have developed advanced mental powers but their bodies have weakened so much they now require slaves to work for them (SN). They communicate with Earth for the first time in years after attempts, some successful, to hijack colony ships bound for Pluto but this is again an attempt to extort slaves from other planets (CD). When this is unsuccessful, their leader Tyro journeys to Earth with a view to obtaining robots to do their work on joining the UGO (PT), but they later abandon the idea prefering living slaves (DW). They have not needed to use the sun’s rays for a thousand years (CD) using nuclear energy instead (PT) but use an undiscovered planet within the orbit of Mercury as a 'holiday home' (TR).


Nerve Gas

Developed by the scientist Borse, and by which means Tirig plans to overthrow the Martian Presidency from a base on the moon Phobos (SD).



Implied to be still in existence and available in the Rest Room areas for Galasphere crews (MM), this would appear to be confirmed by the Space Age Herald reporting the theft of gold (TVC02).


New York

The location of Space Headquarters in the year 2100 (SJ). It is also the terminus of one end of the Trans-Continental Monorail Express (TVC02)



Green skinned aliens in a war against the inhabitants of the planet Spectros (AN01).


Nuclear Heating

Used to warm the mining colony on Pluto but even it is susceptible to the severe cold of the winter there (FM), as is the nuclear heating on Earth when the Neptunian cloud blocks the Sun's rays (CD).


Nuclear Power Station

Taken in one foul scoop by a vast orb of alien origin, as a sample of Earth technology. It s occupants are eventually rescued by the crew of Galasphere 347 (TVC07).


Nuclear Rockets

Using in the attack against Doctor Duncan on Ganymede (ES)





Observation Cabin

Omega.jpgRefered to on many occasions as an section of the Galasphere, presumably in the outer ring, where it is possible to view outside the craft directly by use of portholes (SN). It is also where Patra analyses the water sample from the Magda Ocean (HF), and where Lizzie the telepathic robot is told to rest when not being tested on a patrol of Mercury (TR).


Omega (right)

Asteroid and only known source of the rare metal Dectium, used in atomic reactors all over Earth. Omega has a breathable atmosphere, and geyser holes that spout liquid dectium cover the surface. At night, these geyser spouts can freeze solid (TVC04).


‘Operation Ice Cube’

Project to utilise ice from the surface of Pluto and transfer it to Mars, where it would be melted back to water for use in thermonuclear plants in an attempt to solve the energy crisis there (BS).


Orbital Drive

Used between Primary Drives and Interplanetary Overdrives on Galaspheres, when orbiting a planet prior to a landing. Its speed range, checked prior to launch, is apparently zero to 20,000 miles per hour.



Large, seemingly automated, ships of unknown origin that suddenly arrive on Earth and abduct an entire power station. Their owners turn out to be alien giants on a mission of exploration and sample collecting (TVC07)



Gas vital to human life, comprising about 20% of the atmosphere of Earth. We can assume the atmosphere of Venus is similar to Earth, though with a higher oxygen content (GS). The atmosphere of Mars is also similar but some areas, such as the Toohera Jungle, may require molungs though it is unclear why (HM). Oxygen is lethal to silicon based life, such as the Lumina (PL), and purportedly to Saturnians (GS) although this contradicts other information (RS, MTS).




One of the major asteroids in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It is the location of a sonar relay tower that keeps Jupiter (and possibly other planets) in contact with Space Headquarters on Earth when they are on the other side of the Sun. It is damaged by a meteorite and has to be repaired by an engineering team. At the time Galasphere 347 visited it, the asteroid was only eight days away from Earth (SS).



Implied by Raeburn to be close enough to Space Headquarters for a lunchtime stroll (WJ).


Patra (right)

Venusian marine biologist who finds the Tula Fish are evolving rapidly and accompanies the crew of the Galasphere in their mission to the Magda Ocean to investigate (HF).



Larger of the two moons of the planet Mars, and a popular hideout for crooks and renegades. It is occupied by Tirig and his men (SD) and then by Marog (WB), and possibly Zota (TW)


Planet 'Ten'

Unnamed planet of the solar system, orbiting beyond Pluto at a distance of 7,000 million miles from the sun. Despite this, the planet is habitable owing to hot underwater springs that prevent the surface from freezing, with large fertile green areas. The inhabitants are humanoid giants who learnt English from the crew of a Galasphere that went missing twenty years ago. They are non-hostile but regard the crews as toys or playthings and refuse to let them leave. The fact the language barrier has already been overcome suggests to Colonel Raeburn that the planet could join the UGO at some point in the future (NP).


Planet ‘Zero’

Planet within the orbit of Mercury, presumably only some twenty million miles from the Sun. It is discovered by the Martian Observatory and on investigation, found to be inhabited by the Neptunians (TR)


Plastic Steel

22nd century alloy that the Spirgum spider's web is reputedly tougher than (SF)


Plastifoam/Plastafoam (right)

PlastiArt.jpgMulti-purpose substance, primarily used in a non-lethal weapon that binds the victim in a thin webbing (SJ, MTS, TF, SD, TVC02, TVC03) and can be dissolved with an anti-plastifoam gun (MTS). But the material can also be used for building habitations on Pluto and the Moon, suggesting a thicker version is airtight and can be created quickly (VV). Mixed with explosive it can also be used to sabotage accelerating freighters (ES).


SJ02.jpgPlastifoam/Plastafoam Gun (left)

Bulbous, twin cylindered weapon that emits a substance that will bind and hold a lifeform without harming it (SJ, MTS, TF). Another more slender rifle-like affair is also seen in use (SD), as well as a more practical pistol affair (TVC02, TVC03).



Ninth and outermost planet of the solar system, orbiting the sun every 240 years according to Raeburn (FM). It is home to a colony of some 6000 Martian miners (FM), presumably for the Plutonite used in Galasphere production. This would suggest the mine had been operating for some time, though its status as colony may be recent (SN). Pluto is approaching its furthest point from the sun and has been for thirty years, causing problems for the miners, and an attempt was made to transmit heat in the form of radio waves from Mercury (FM). This proved successful, and the miners were able to cut ice from the surface for shipping to Mars in an attempt to solve the energy crisis there. During the operation, Galasphere 347 was buried in the icefield and Captain Dart discovered carbon in the form of coal indicating there may once have been plant life on the distant world million of years ago (BS).



Strong but lightweight (FM, EVT) metal mined on Pluto, and which the Galaspheres are constructed from (EV). The material is supposedly rare and resources are dwindling until an asteroid made from it is discovered (UA).



Material developed seven years ago on Venus for building. Its waste by-product was illegally dumped in the Magda Ocean, forming a barrier and causing a build up of cosmic radiation (HF).



PresMars.jpgAnesthetic substance used by Gallia, powerful enough to cause paralysis and unconsciousness for about two days. It is administered by an unknown means in tests but distributed en masse by planting the containers in a volcano close to the Venusian capitol of Cresta (VV).


President of Mars (right)

Young, typical looking Martian wearing a long robe of office. His voice is prone to changing (WA,TF, HI, GT) so he is later succeeded with an older, grey-haired and moustached Martian with more consistent tones (SF, SD, WB).


President of Venus

Silver haired and bearded, he operates from the capitol city Cresta (HF, ES, VV, UA, EV, SF).


SciPres.jpgPresident of the World Science Bureau (left)

Person in charge of global organisation of scientists in the year 2100. He berates Colonel Raeburn when several scientists are abducted en route from Mars to Earth. It is interesting to note the President wears a similar emblem to General Smith of the United Galactic Army, suggesting the Bureau is possibly connected to the military, or that both come under another organisation (though not the UGO, as Raeburn sports different emblems. (TVC03).


Primary Drive

As it implies, the first drive used by a Galasphere for lift from a planet and also, conversely, the last on landing. It is replaced by Orbital Drive on leaving the atmosphere, if not departing for space immediately.


Protein Pills

Concentrated food that space rations are mainly comprised of (EVT).


Pulse Beam

Method of (presumably) faster than light communication used by the Deltans of Alpha Centauri to communicate with other star systems. As standard radio can take years, presumably this uses a code (like Morse) to send messages (MS, DS).






One of the vicious forms used by the shape-changing creatures encountered by the crew of Galasphere 347 on a small planet beyond Saturn (TVC06). A species of wild caninoid quadrapeds was also encountered on an artificial planet whose crew had disappeared (AN02).




Radiation Clouds

Defensive measure used by Doctor Fendoe to prevent retaliation on his Dectium mining plant on the asteroid Omega, for attempting to blackmail Earth into paying whatever price he demanded. The clouds formed an impenetrable cover, keeping the Space Army out but also trapping Galasphere 347 on the surface (TVC04).


RadioRoom.jpgRadio Impulse Cookbook

Suggested to Colonel Raeburn by Professor Haggarty as the best guide for robot 'Busy Lizzie' to prepare meals for him (TR).


Radio Room (left)

Used to broadcast ultrasonic transmissions to paralyse the rebelling robots (RR, II)


Radio Tower

Tower close to Space Headquarters in New York that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Post Office Tower (now Telecom Tower) of the late 20th and early 21st century. It is sometimes refered to as the Communications Tower, and at other times it seems to be refered to as the Control Tower (II), which monitors space flight, presumably in conjunction with Space Headquarters.


Raeburn, Colonel Carl

RaeburnCol.jpgSporting a neat moustache and blond but greying crew-cut hairstyle that betrays his maturer age, Colonel Raeburn heads Space Patrol and the United Galactic Organisation. His residence is only 120 yards due north west from Space Headquarters. After Dart brings him a cutting from the holy tree of the Saturnians (RS), he appears to take an interest in cultivating it (MTS, TR), with full grown blooms starting to appear around the office and an especially large specimen dominating Marla's office! He has a particular penchant for driving his monobile around too.


(N.B.. The first name Carl is never used in the series and comes from a television listing for the episode Mystery On The Moon from the Scottish magazine The Viewer. This is in all probability a misspelling of 'Col.' but as he is never given a first name we felt this would fit equally well.)



Space pirates who have attacked ships using a powerful electric ray (TVC10)


Red Drop Amusement Park

A centre of entertainment on the planet Mars. This is, Husky says, nothing like it on Earth (HS02).



The process of checking a spaceship is ready for its next mission. This is usually carried out by a seperate team of technicians while the crew are resting and can take at least a few hours, even in an emergency (SJ).



Miga has a painting by Rembrandt in his home (UA).


Rescue Jet 992

Help despatched by Marla to aid Larry Dart and Slim who had been tied up and left in the Rockie by a gang of crooks (TVC02).


Rest Room

Area near Space Headquarters reserved for crews to relax in or wait on standby for missions. It is not known whether these are reserved for specific crews, as there never seem to be any mixing or socialising. Food is readily available, as are newspapers - presumably so crews can keep up with world events for the long periods they are away (MM).



Leader of the Saturnians, who is deposed by Simba and imprisoned. Raeburn suspects a coup has taken place and sends Galasphere 347 to investigate. They discover Riga and free him, and the situation is left with him returning with the United Galactic Army to regain control (GS)


RobertsR.jpgRoberts (left)

1. Duty officer who accompanies Raeburn in investigating the destruction of the Leyhart Building (MM).

2. Doctor who treats Colonel Raeburn (HF).


Robot ‘347’

The resident robot on Galasphere 347. It is seen many times but usually is only refered to as looking after the systems while the crew are in the freezer unit, or making a landing in a potentially hostile environment (FM). Disruptive communication with the robot saves Galasphere 347 from destruction as it approaches Venus (EV). Despite the fact a crew member is usually required to guard a Galasphere, in emergencies the robot can (SG).


Robot Control

1/ Referred to in a number of episodes by the Galasphere crews, Robot Control is used for various situations - more commonly a landing on a planet - where precision beyond that of human skill may be required, or possibly to allow the crew to concentrate on more important matters. (TF, MM, GT, FM, PT, ES)

2/ Robot Control in Space Headquarters is where, presumably, all robots are monitored and directed from, usually by other robots. This indicates that robots have developed to a high degree of artificial intelligence and are trusted in quite high positions, as well as being self-regulating.


Robot Eye

Scanning device used by Robot Control on Galaspheres to determine whether a landing is safe (FM).


Robot Type 1

RobotsL.jpgAngular standard design for most of the robots used by the UGO, with a blocky head and body and spindly limbs. They carry out a variety of tasks, such as maintaining the Galaspheres while their crews are in the Freezer Unit, deep sea farming (RR, MTS, JW) and as doctors (SS). They are constructed of Roxite metal and impervious to lasers and gamma rays. They can, however, be immobilised by ultrasonic sound (RR, EV, DS).


Robot Type 2

Smaller, smoother humanoid automatons seen around Space Headquarters and the Atlantic Sea Farms. The one in Space Headquarters was referred to as a special courier (WJ), while those at the sea farms seem to share the same duties as the Type 1s (RR, TR). Haggarty modifies a Type 2 robot to receive orders telepathically, and another is dubbed ‘Busy Lizzie’ for use by Raeburn. These were distinguishable by having striped patterns on their bodies and a letter printed on their chest (TR).


Robots (Deltan)

Seen only briefly, these seem identical to those seen at Space Headquarters. It may be that the Great Brain was able to read Irya’s mind while visiting Earth and copied the idea wholesale, though where it got the metal to build them is anyone’s guess (DS).



Crew of a spaceship that served as prison to the alien raider Voltek, unless someone volunteered to take his place (TVC10).


Rock Climbing

A favourite pastime of Larry Dart, particularly on the Moon (DS).


Interceptor.jpgRocket Bases One To Six

Used to launch a nuclear attack against Doctor Duncan on Ganymede, Base One is Siberia, with Nevada possibly being Base Two (ES).


Rocket Interceptors (left)

Bulbous-headed missiles used by Tara to try and destroy Galasphere 347 (TS) and by Doctor Duncan to counter the attack by General Smith (ES).


Rocket Mail

Able to transport goods from Tokyo to New York in 45 minutes (MM)


Roget, Lieutenant

Space Patrol officer commanding Galasphere 774, who disobeyed instructions from Captain Fowler not to land on planet M17 (HS01).


Rubber Paint

Method of insulating a ship against the effects of an electric ray used by space raiders (TVC10).

(N.B. - On a factual note, it is interesting to note rubber paint - a form of latex - was also used by Martin and Heather Granger in the making of the faces of the puppets in the pilot film Paul Starr. One wonder if this is what gave Roberta Leigh the idea for the story... )


Ruminov Metal

Element that machines forming the drive system on Betelguesian ships are made from. There appears to be no equivilant in our solar system. If there was, and Bloxine Fuel was available to power it, it would be possible to travel faster than light (TB).







Sixth planet of our Solar System, a gas giant surrounded by spectacular, flashing rings which are actually the visible part of an extensive defensive system of radiation belts (RS). Travel time is ranges from 41 days (GS) to 44 days (RS). The atmosphere is predominantly carbon dioxide (GS).


Saturnian Grass

Identical in appearance to grass on Earth, the main difference is it absorbs oxygen, emits carbon dioxide and is resilient to weedkiller (GS).


Saturnian Ship

Discovered by Galasphere 347 close to Saturn. It, like most Earth ships, is cigar shaped but with fluting along its length and a nozzle at the back (RS, MTS). Another type, resembling the Neptunian ‘dumbell’ design, is used later and it is interesting to speculate whether some form of trade or agreement exists between the two worlds considering both were once off-limits (GS).



Saturnian2.jpgFour armed, bipedal and amphibious reptilian species from Saturn. They have six claw-like fingers and toes on each limb. Their native language is either a growl or gutteral jabbering, while their translated speech is deep in tone and cultured. For reasons unspecified they chose to isolate themselves from the other inhabitants of the Solar System by energy fields, the visible part of which is seen as their planet’s spectacular, flashing rings (RS). Even though it is evident they still travel in space, it may be they are somewhat paranoid or fearful of other races, having observed them in the past. But they are willing to reverse this policy, allowing Larry Dart to be the first outsider to visit their world, though they reverse it again when he takes leaves from the ‘holy tree’ without realising their worth (RS). They are more than willing to help Earth by harvesting these leaves, curing a fungus that is destroying crops but are again extremely volatile when it seems an Earth disease has been brought to their planet (MTS). Despite the apparent peace, there is discord on Saturn and the leader Riga is deposed and imprisoned by Simba who is hostile to Earth and attempts to invade it. Riga is freed by the crew of Galasphere 347 and the last we hear is that the Saturnian leader plans to return with the United Galactic Army to retake his world (GS). There is some confusion as to whether the Saturnians breathe the same air as humans. Initial visits indicate that in their underground caves, the atmosphere is breathable for humans at least for short periods (RS, MTS) but subsequently they attempted to replace the oxygen in the atmosphere of Earth with carbon dioxide by seeding the planet with Saturnian grass as part of a colonisation bid (GS).


Scientific Headquarters

There is a scientific headquarters on Phobos but it appears to be disused, though it seems to make a handy base for renegades and convicts (SD, WB).


'Shape Changers' (right)

Shape.jpgStrange unknown species that appears to able to shift its form from one species to another in response to the fear and emotions of other beings, appearing as thorny bushes, many-tentacled creatures, and vicious quadrapeds. They trap the crew of a crashed ship and nearly succeed in scaring off the crew of Galasphere 347 until Larry Dart realises a solution. In their natural form, they appear to resemble large star-fish (TVC06).



Lartan who takes the initiative of contacting the Space Patrol to defend his world from space bandits, but who hatches a plan of abducting Professor Haggarty in order to make sure this happens (TVC11).



The giant of planet ‘Ten’ has skins of a spotted quadraped in his lair, implying he is either a hunter, or that he has little taste in decor (NP).



New leader of Saturn, friendly to Earth on the surface but secretly hostile. He plans to conquer Earth by seeding the planet with Saturnian Grass which will absorb the oxygen and replace it with carbon doixide. His fate is apparently sealed when the original leader, Riga, is freed and plans to return with the United Galactic Army from Earth (GS).


Silver Forest

Spectacular glittering trees on Venus, one of the last homes of the Spirigum Spiders (SF).



The brightest star in the night sky, approximately 8 light years from Earth, and the star system where the planet Lumen can be found (PL). Dart comments the egg found on Titan is as ‘bright as Sirius’ (GT).



SlimCol.jpgResident Venusian crewmember of Galasphere 347. Petite and silver haired, like most of his fellow Venusians, Slim would appear to be Galasphere 347’s pilot and navigator. Possibly the youngest of the crew and certainly the smallest, Slim is as dedicated and loyal a crew member as you can hope for. Even an apparent change of alligiance to his uncle Gallia in a power coup on his home planet was simply a ruse to find a way of stopping him (VV). There is a friendly friction between him and Husky, borne of their very different cultures and characters, but it never interferes with their professionalism. Like Husky, we never learn whether Slim is a nickname - derived from his small and slender appearance - or his real name.

Slim has an encyclopedic knowledge - and way of speaking. Never using a few short words when twenty long ones will suffice, he is the walking repository of facts and always on the lookout to expand what he knows - art and culture seem the current fad with him (TF) - but his curiosity on more than one occasion leads him into a dangerous situation... (GT)

His parents are still alive and on one occasion Slim invites both Dart and Husky to visit with him (SF) - an indication of the deep friendship the crew share with each other.


'Small Planet'

Rocky and airless world beyond Saturn which is home to a shape-changing species that seems to feed on the fear and emotions of other creatures (TVC06).


Smith, Doctor

One of two doctors on the Scientific Headquarters on Jupiter (SS, WJ, TB).


Smith, General

Head of the United Galactic Army. Despite his higher rank, General Smith can be overruled by Colonel Raeburn as the United Galactic Organisation would appear to have more powers in some matters.

Smith has a somewhat over aggresive outlook not quite in keeping with the peaceful setting of 2100, quite happy to destroy a moon harbouring criminal factions (RR, RS, TF, TS, MS, II, HF, ES, UA, EV, SF, SD, GS, WB)



None of the regular characters are seen to smoke in the televised series, with the exception of Colonel Raeburn who is seen with a pipe (JW). Dart is referred to as having a pocket lighter (TVC08) which may imply he smokes too, and Husky, in the comic adaptation of Secret Formula, is also seen to smoke while waiting for Dart outside Kolig's residence.



Also found on Jupiter, suggesting these may have been brought from Earth as the Lumis are refered to as the only (native) animal life (SS, WJ). It is theorised that the rock which causes Husky to shrink may be poison from snakes on a long destroyed planet (SS).


Solar Television Network

Interplanetary broadcaster in 2100 (TS), possibly operating from a large manned satellite in orbit around Earth (HI)


Sonar Beam

Standard means of interplanetary communication and tracking in 2100, and presumably nothing to do with sonar (abbreviation of ‘sound navigation ranging’) used in the twentieth century. It is seemingly instanteous with no time delay in communications to the outer planets. There are transmitter relays at various points in the solar system, such as on the asteroids Pallas (SS) and Danta (TVC01)


SP677a.jpgSpace Age Herald

Newspaper reporting the theft of the gold bullion (TVC02)


Space Army (left)

Possibly a division of the United Galactic Army, who are called to help capture a gang of crooks tracked to a strange planet beyond Mars (TVC02), and also deal with the renegade Doctor Fendoe on the asteroid Omega (TVC04).


Space Bandits

Raiders who terrorise the outer Solar System, and especially worlds too far to normally be considered part of the Galactic Union, such as Larta (TVC11).


Space Headquarters

Based in New York at the start of the 22nd century, in a futuristic skyscraper with a landing platform for Galaspheres.


Space Headquarters Cresta

Planetary division of the United Galactic Organisation on Venus. Dart calls them for help when Husky is entwined in the web of a Spirigum Spider in the Silver Forest. (SF)


Space Helmet

Alternative term for the later, perspex design of molung (GT, SD)


Space Hospital

Conical medical facility close to Space Headquarters in New York (SS, HI, SF, HM, DS)


Space Liner

Large, sleek winged ship that journeys between Earth and Mars. On one return trip from a space conference, six top scientists are abducted from one by vengeful lost astronaut John Magnum (TVC03)


Space Patrol

A division of the United Galactic Organisation. Publicity for the series refers to ‘Space Patrol’ as ‘the policemen of space’ and it is also refered to in the series (TS) though Raeburn seemingly contradicts this on occasions (TF, SF). It may be he is refering to Space Patrol having jurisdiction in space (II) but not on actual planets, except under certain circumstances where it is connected (UA). Part of their role would appear to be exploration (PL) but again Raeburn contradicts this (WJ) which may indicate an extremely fluid policy for some matters but not in others. They are quite distinct from the United Galactic Forces/Army (SJ), even though both use military ranks. There would appear to be regional (or planetary) divisions, with another Space Headquarters at Cresta on Venus (SF) and a 'Mars Space Patrol' referred to (TVC03).


Space Pirates

Raiders of cargo in the solar system for some two years before it was discovered that the Venusian industrialist Miga was behind the acts (UA).


Space Police

Organisation mooted by Colonel Raeburn as handling crime solving, such as the capture of forgers (TF). The leader of the crooks who steal a shipment of gold bullion also refer to 'space police' but they may be referring to Space Patrol (TVC02)


Space Rations

Standard food on Galaspheres and possibly other spaceships (WA, MTS, EVT).


Space Suit - see Uniform


Courier.jpgSpace Survey

Department of Space Patrol presumably responsible for study of astronomical data. Raeburn requests from them a trajectory prediction of the asteroid that is knocked out of orbit (WA) and a display of the cloud’s position relative to Earth and the sun from them, to explain Dart’s mission to him (CD).


Special Courier (left)

Type 2 robot used to relay communications at Space Headquarters when monitors do not respond (WJ).



Tiny wizened inhabitants of the planet Spectros, and at war with the Noxids. Galasphere 347 is opened fire upon by a Spectron ship, mistakenly believing it to be a new Noxid design. (AN01).



Planet at war with the alien Noxids (AN01).


Spring Flowering

The leaves given by the Saturnians are all that came from the Spring Flowering of their trees and there will be no more for six months. Presumably this is a relative translation of their seasons and time, as a Saturnian Year would be equal to 29 Earth years (MTS).


Spirigum Spider

Large arachnid native to areas of Venus but rarely seen by 2100. They build near indestructible webs, the substance of which can only be shattered by extreme cold. In a powdered form, however, the web becomes a very effective truth drug (SF)


'Strange Planet' (right)

SP676.jpgUncharted and unnamed world beyond the orbit of Mars, used as a hideaway by crooks who had stoled gold bullion. It is inhabited by a wide variety of flora and fauna (TVC02).


Suction Tube

Used by Galasphere 347 to take samples of water in order to determine the rapid mutation of the Tula Fish (HF).



Marla, when freed from Tyro’s influence, threatens to return to Neptune and start a suffragette movement. It is unclear though, whether the Neptunians actually have two sexes in the first place to make this a feasible proposition. (PT)



Star at the centre of our solar system. Freighters loaded with Beryllium can cause massive explosions on its surface, increasing the heat radiation and causing climatic changes on the inner planets such as Venus, Earth and Mars at least (ES). When a Neptunian energy field causes the temperature on Earth to rise, Raeburn gets the Moon Observatory to check the Sun for similar disturbances again (FX).


‘Sun Men’

The Lumina term for inhabitants of our solar system, and initially the crew of Galasphere 347 (PL).



Dark areas on the surface of the Sun, the appearance of which can cause an increase of solar radiation, disrupting communications including Sonar Beam (EVT).


Super Brain (left)

Vast artificial biological intelligence, created by the self sufficient computers on the planet Delta. 100 times larger than a normal brain, it turned malevolent and suppressed the people of Delta, building itself an underground bunker guarded by robots. Yria returned to Delta to find it in control and came back to Earth to ask Colonel Raeburn and the crew of Galasphere 347 for help. It is distracted by ultrasonics long enough for the Deltans to blow it up (DS).


Super Ultrasonics

100 times faster than normal ultrasonics, and used for geological and prospecting purposes. Dart also finds a medical use for them, in curing Cassie when a matter teleportation test goes wrong (DS).



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