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Space Patrol (1962) Encyclopedia - Part 3



Tara (right)

Tara.jpgVenusian art criminal who has his palace on the Jovian moon Callisto, and owns all the gold mines there (TS).



Form of psychic communication favoured by the Neptunians, which means they do not require the use of Elektrans to be understood. It can also be used to mesmerise or render people unconscious, but electronic shielding can protect against its effects (SN, CD, PT, TR, DW, FX). It is also used by the Deltees from the star system of Alpha Centauri (MS, DS), and the Lumina of Sirius (PL). Later on Earth, Haggarty develops a way of allowing robots to receive telepathic commands and two prototypes are built. These, however, need the brainwave patterns of the owner programmed in, meaning only that person can control it (TR).



Means of transportation favoured by theDeltees from Alpha Centauri (MTS, DS) and later developed by Professor Zeffer, though regretably with some side effects (DS). The space bandits who terrorise the tiny world of Larta also appear to have a form of teleportation for their ships (TVC11)



Recording of a video message (VV).


Television Satellite

Refered to by Colonel Raeburn as one of the places where people are being affected by the floats (HI). It may be the location of the Solar Television Network (TS), and can apparently broadcast in 3D (SS)


Ten G

The acceleration rate of a Galasphere, equal to ten times the gravity felt on Earth, at least on a journey to Jupiter (SJ). This is apparently another reason why crews use the freezer units, to avoid the discomfort experienced at that speed.


TermoidR.jpgTermoids (left)

Small and technologically advanced burrowing creatures from, presumably, the Moon. They are discovered by miner Dawlish of the Lunalt Mining Company and threatened to destroy his complex unless smuggled to Earth where they caused great damage by undermining the foundations of several cities (TVC09)


Three D Programme

What Doctor Smith misses most on television, which apparently doesn't reach to the outer worlds such as Jupiter (SS).


Time (1)

The setting for the series, as established in the very first episode, is 2100AD. However, the protracted voyage times - particularly to the outer planets - means that the span of the first series alone must cover several years. We would presume that 2100 would be the date of the first episode The Swamps Of Jupiter, going by the opening narration. But Slim’s comment on when lasers were discovered - “about 130 years ago, in 1961” - dates Mystery On The Moon in the early 2090s, and comments on the age of the rocket used in Forcefield X - some one hundred and fifty years after 1980 - places that episode possibly around 2130. This would be acceptable for the Galasphere crews who are consistently in hibernation but doesn’t explain the fact none of the planet based characters seem to age, bar Cassie.


Time (2)

Professor Haggarty has theories concerning alien races experiencing time differently from people on Earth, which leads him to develop the Time Watch (TS).


Time Watch

Resembling a conventional Twentieth Century watch, it enables the wearer to move sixty times faster. It is used by Dart to recover stolen art treasures (TS) and then conveniently forgotten until Slim uses it to rescue Dart and Husky (SD). It also reused when the Martian renegade Zota attempts to overthrow the Martian government from a base on Phobos (TW)



Leader of the opposition party on Mars. He occupies the Martian moon Phobos with a small band of men and attempts to seize power by releasing a nerve gas in the Martian capital (SD).



GT01.jpgMoon of Saturn, supposed uninhabited but home to a strange form of oviparous form of life, dubbed 'humming dogs' by Slim (right) (GT)



Name given to the ultra luminescent substance from the egg found on Titan (GT).



The capitol of Japan in our time but part of Asia in 2100 (MTS).



Cresta, the capitol of Venus, has a thriving tourist trade but this drops rapidly when fear about the out-of-control Eye gets around (EV). The strange oxygen-absorbing fungus found on the asteroid Danta ends up being a tourist attraction in Antarctica (TVC01)


Trans-Continental Monorail Express

Transport system across North American between New York and Hollywood. It carried gold bullion which was stolen by a gang of crooks using jetpacks and a helicopter (TVC02).


Transfinitive Drive

Possibly an alternate name for the Interplanetary Overdrive. (SJ).


translate.jpgTranslator Ray

Used by a race of alien giants to understand Larry Dart as he explains it is not nice to steal other races power stations, even in the pursuit of knowledge (TVC07).



General Smith has a thousand troops ready for an assault on Ganymede prior to the decision to use a rocket strike instead (ES).


Tuhera/Toohera Jungle

Relatively unexplored area of Mars covering the equatorial region, and still home to large hairy primitive Martians. (HM)


Tula Fish

Cetacean native to Venus and particularly abundant in the Magda Ocean. They have evolved somewhat over a few million years from small fish to a larger species with tentacle-like fins.


Trapped cosmic radiation causes the Tula to experience accelerated evolution or mutation, becoming larger still, more intelligent and with the tentacles becoming tactile. Once the cause of the freak evolution is discovered and destroyed though, it is never made clear what happens to them (HF)


Turkish Bath

Colonel Raeburn’s favourite and most frequently interrupted form of relaxation! But that’s what you get for having a video screen in your bathroom. Kinky or what ? (WJ, UA, DS)



Deltan explosive, similar to dynamite (DS).



Overlord of the Neptunians (SN, CD, PT, TR, DW, FX) who uses various unsuccessful tactics to get the UGO to send slaves as he and his race no longer do the work thing.





EV1.jpgThe Uranian Duos communicate by ultrasonics, sound beyond that which humans can hear (DP, II, JW). Their speech disrupts the functions of robots (RR) and leads to ultrasonics being used in other situations (EV). Dart claims ultrasonics were used once to cure brain disorders and a ‘super ultrasonic’ device is used to restore Cassie when she speaks backwards after a matter transmission experiment (DS).


Ultraviolet Rays

Used to get rid of germs in the 22nd century (DP). It may also be the basis of Contamination Control, although this is never stated. The rings of Saturn use blinding ultraviolet radiation as one of its defences (RS).



The uniforms of the Space Patrol, as seen on the crew of Galasphere 347, seem fairly standardised. It consists of a sleeveless olive brown vest over light blue trousers and long-sleeved turtle neck with an interthreaded sparkle effect, worn with short boots. Crew members have a gold six-pointed star on the chest of the turtle neck, visible above the top of the vest. Captains have a gold sunburst design with a four-pointed star on the vest itself, while the sleeves of the top are a matching olive brown (or red) with a pale blue V-design running from shoulder to elbow.


Uniform.gifIt is possible the redesigned uniforms (seen later, and in published stories) involved a more white jumpsuit with a red tunic.


Husky refers to the uniform as a spacesuit (HI), suggesting the design is functional with built-in protection, only requiring the addition of a molung or helmet to be fully protective against the vacuum of space and the extremes of conditions on other planets - both logical and time-saving - but there are inconsistencies. They are protective against the fierce heat of Mercury (FM) for example, but Husky succumbs to the infrared radiation of the Saturnian rings (RS). It would also appear that they are not suitable for underwater usage (RR, HF)


Colonels wear off-white trousers and top over which is worn a shorter vest in dark olive green (or red) with gold trim and piping, with the shoulder flash of the UGO.


Generals of the United Galactic Forces wear light trousers and a pale satin shirt, over which is worn a dark sleeveless jerkin with embroided trim and the chest chain and stylised Sun symbol. Interestingly, this uniform is also worn by the President of the World Science Bureau (TVC03), suggesting either a link with the United Galactic Forces, or another 'umbrella' organisation (though not the UGO) to which both may belong.


Other uniform designs seem to involve a white trouser and tunic affair with prominent dark shoulder flashes, as seen at the Martian and Moon Observatories, and may be a variant spacesuit used by the scientific community. This design is echoed by Major Valla at Moon Station One, and some of the Jupiter Scientific HQ teams, though the colours are more mid-tone. Other variations appear to exist as functional uniforms throughout the solar system by the human communities.


United Galactic Army

Military division of the United Galactic Organisation, headed by General Smith (RR, RS, II, ES, UA, EV, SF, SD).


United Galactic Cross

Medal for bravery, which Slim recommends for the Lumina who return to help them find the ‘Cave of Death’ at risk to its own safety (PL).


United Galactic Forces

Term used to describe a division of the United Galactic Army in action (SJ, TF, SD).


United Galactic Organisation (UGO)

UGO.gifFederation comprising of - initially - Earth, Venus and Mars. It would be fair to assume contact and an accord between all three was established around the same time, certainly by the mid-21st Century, for the organisation to be as well established as it seems to be in 2100.


While contact has been established with Jupiter long enough for the Jovian laguage to be programmed into electrans, it is unclear whether the planet is also a member. Saturn joined after initial contact (RS), and its membership seemed to continue after a political coup was thwarted allowing the original leader Riga to regain power (GS). Neptune also joined (CD, PT) but this may simply have been a ploy to gain slave labour in the form of robots when their previous method of hijacking colony ships was discovered (SN). Mars has also threatened to leave the UGO when it became clear membership was not helping with the drought situation (WB).


The role of the UGO is never really explained but if it is, say, analagous to the United Nations of today then it probably tries to represent and balance the interests of all member planets. The Duos of Uranus are of the opinion that the UGO rules Earth but it is more than likely, even if we do not see or hear of one, that there is a President of Earth whom Colonel Raeburn represents to the other planets, while he/she deals with global matters.


The UGO has an official seal which is used to authenticate documentation (UA, GS). Above right is an approximation of this, based on the symbol on Colonel Raeburn's tunic.


United Galactic Rules/Laws/Regulations

These are refered to on several occasions and seem reasonably consistent:

It is not permitted to take a person from one planet to another without permission (SJ, PT).

Animals and birds are not allowed on Galaspheres (SN), but exceptions are sometimes made (TF).

• A Galasphere cannot be left unguarded (GT, II) by its crew, though exceptions are sometimes made in emergencies by using the robot (SG).

• It is a breach of United Galactic regulations to use telepathic powers on another person (PT).

• A Galasphere cannot land on a planet without informing Space Headquarters (SG).


United Galactic Steel Company

Manufacturing outfit in 2100 who are having problems with their robots (EV).


DuoShip.jpgUranians - see Duos.


Uranian Ship

See Husky's Technical Manual: Duo Spacecraft



Seventh planet of the solar system. A round trip to the planet would take about about six months - 172 days (DP). A mission to Uranus in 2098 consisting of 20 men and a space freighter ended in tragedy with the men vanishing, leaving only the freighter to be found. The planet was noted as only being inhabited by plants, but these are intelligent and communicate ultrasonically at 90,000 sound cycles (DP). Haggarty is examining rocks from the Uranus polar region which are radioactive and about 4000 years old, leading Cassie to suggest there had been an atomic war there in the past (DP). The temperature at the poles is 78 degrees (DP).


Uranus Steel

Alloy made from Uranian ore. Rockets made from Uranus steel were used to test the effectiveness of the Eye (EV).





Vacuum Door

Twin system of access in and out of Galaspheres. The inner vacuum door is usually refered to as the access to the Galasphere control room. Their usage would appear to hold much in common with modern airlocks though we do occasionally see the crew standing by the open outer vacuum door with no molung or breathing apparatus. This would suggest an unseen force (possibly the Galasphere’s own spinning energy sphere) retains some atmosphere while in space when it is active.


Valla, Major

Bearded Venusian in charge of Moon Station One (MM).



Second planet of the solar system. Earthlike, but referred to as both hot and with a wet climate (BS, WB) though this is not apparent from the rocky landscape seen around the capitol city of Cresta. At maximum speed, it only takes a day and a half to two days to reach from. There are at least three oceans, one of which is the Magda Ocean (HF), of which Cresta is on the west coast.



1/ Bearded replacement for Slim when he chooses to remain on Venus to help Gallia come to power. He acts as pilot and is very adept but is never named (VV).

2/ Dark haired and bearded member of Marog’s gang, an expert in physics and bomb building. He tells Marog it will take him about a week to build a hydrogen bomb but perishes when Husky sabotages the launch mechanism (WB).


Venusian President - see President of Venus


Venusians (right)

Venusian.jpgPetite humanoid race with only three fingers, slanted eyes, and slightly pointed heads. Their voices tend to be high pitched in both sexes and most but not all have characteristicaly silver hair. They are a highly logical intelligent race, priding themselves on being cleverer than Earthmen or Martians (EVT). Colonel Raeburn states that Venusians knew nothing about engineering before joining the UGO (PT), which may be a reason for little of the planet seeming to be developed with the exception of their capitol Cresta. A ‘V’ on the Elektrans indicates that they have their own language, though most we see speak English very well, and some of their written symbols are in evidence on Gallia's chart (VV). Most Venusian names end in the letter 'A' - Marla, Borra, Patra etc - which suggests 'Slim' may be a nickname, but this is not conclusive.


Vibra Gun

Sonic weapon used by Mall and his assistant to kill the Loomis. Long and slender, it appears to fire a stream of mist, though this could simply be the beam disturbing the atmosphere. The sound waves can also disturb compasses from some distance away (SJ).


Vision Phone

Older form of communication comprising of a wall mounted screen and phone mouthpiece (TVC02).


Vitamin Pills

What Jones survives on for the 41 day trip to Saturn when he stows away on Galasphere 347 (MTS). Husky bemoans having to live on them when Galasphere 347 has to return to Saturn (GS).



A device that could be carried in almost any spaceship and, from an orbit within two hundred miles of a planet's surface, would detect any form of life and focus selected scenes upon a video-screen. The vitascope tested by a two Galasphere mission to planet M17 showed fearsome monsters but on landing on the surface, both Lieutenant Roget of Galasphere 774, and later the crew of Galasphere 347, found nothing (HS01).



An undersea volcano is responsible for the chemical which combines with sea water and eats away half of the electronic brain of robots at the sea farm (RR). The Venusian capitol of Cresta (left) is ringed by dead volcanoes, though it may be that some are just dormant. One is used in a plan to spread a powder that puts people to sleep for two days, in a takeover bid by Slim’s uncle Gallia (VV)


Voltek (left)

Alien space raider convicted of piracy and condemned to life strapped into the chair of a spaceship with a crew of robots who would do his every bidding - except release him unless someone agreed to take his place. (TVC10)













Device used by Tara to ‘stir up the atmosphere’ and produce a distracting noise that enables him to steal art treasures (TS).


Waggon (right)

Waggon.jpgRemote control vehicle used at the mining base on the asteroid Omega. It runs on a steel track and picks up its electrical power through steel balls on its underside (TVC03).



Old fashioned term for a portable radio transmitter-receiver, and used by Dart to refer to personal communication (FM).


'Walking Water'

Term used by Larry Dart to describe the strange liquid found in a lake on Jupiter which has ability to cause inanimate objects to move of their own accord (WJ).


War Museum

Implied by Haggarty's niece and nephew, and where they suggest his Aunt Min's hideously coloured cardigan should be placed, for its part in preventing a great interplanetary war (TVC05).


Watkins.jpgWatkins, Professor (left)

Scientist and friend of Professor Haggarty who is abducted by John Magnum to the planet Humida (TVC03).


Weight Controllers

Possibly another term for the gravity repulsion used on Galaspheres (SJ, MTS).



A frequent event on Mars, apparently, though not all become contaminated with lethal fungicide and blown towards Earth (DW).


Wildlife Preserve

The Dictum Forest is a Martian Wildlife Preserve, and weapons are not allowed there (TF).



Head of the United Galactic Steel Company, who are having trouble with some of the robots they produce (EV).


World Science Bureau

MarsPalace2.jpgGlobal organisation of Earth scientists in the year 2100, several of whom are abducted by vengeful lost astronaut John Magnum (TVC03).



Capitol City of Mars, and home to approximately one million people. Husky refers to it as his capitol but it is unclear whether that means he comes from there but it is home to the palace of the Martian President (right). It is threatened by destruction from a rogue asteriod (WA) and later blackmailed by Tyrig (SD) and Marog (WB), both from bases on the Martian moon Phobos.









GalaControl3.gifYobba Rays

Noted on the checklist for the lift programme of Galaspheres, these are used to penetrate the cloud cover of a planet viewed from space, either for routine patrol or as a prelude to landing. Larry Dart suggests trying them for a view of Jupiter through its cloudy atmosphere, without success (SJ), and also when approaching Venus (HF, VV, EVT).


Yria (see Irya)





Zeffer/Zephyr, Professor (right)

ZefferRoberts.jpgMartian rival to Professor Haggerty and friend of Colonel Raeburn, who refers to him as ‘old Zeff’! (WA) He is in charge of the Martian Observatory. His instinct about the danger of the rogue asteroid proves to be correct when his assistant observes the collision that puts it out of orbit (WA). His star measuring equipment inadvertently makes objects disappear, including Husky (HI) and Gabbler (HM), which may have led to him stumbling across the secret of matter transmission (DS). Zeffer is the first to pick up the signals from Alpha Centauri and track the voyage of Galasphere 347 to that star (MS). He also tracks Galasphere 347 when a malfunction causes it to accelerate out of control far beyond the solar system (NP) and finds a new planet inside the orbit of Mercury (TR). Zeffer also keeps track of local events, and notices when Tirig and his men occupy the Martian moon Phobos (SD).


Zeffer’s Assistant (above, far right)

Fair haired Earthman who assists Zeffer in the Martian Observatory. He is fairly new to the establishment (WA) but appears to stay through the course of both series (HI, MS, NP, SD, DS). Strangely, he appears with glasses and a moustache in one episode (SD).



Mineral found on Uranus and Neptune. The cloud that blocks the sun’s rays is made of electrically charged particles of Zenton (CD).


Zergon Ray

Used to abort the Automatic Time Control for the Freezer Unit on Galaspheres by remote control from Space Headquarters in times of emergency, such as the disappearance of the Pluto Colony Ship (SN) or the catastrophic conditions on Earth (ES). An attempt is made to use the Zergon Ray to revive the crew when the Galasphere goes out of control but this also fails (NP)



Martian who establishes a base on one of the moons of Mars - possibly Phobos - and attempts to overthrow the Government by use of a ray which renders people unconscious for 24 hours over a radius of 50 miles (TW).


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