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Episode Guide



I figured there was no reason to withhold my episode plan for anyone curious about which games were coming up, beyond what I list off at the end of each episode. I'm using a mix of part number and chronological ordering, and it's of course subject to change, but this is my plan as it stands today.

My current thought is to start injecting homebrew titles somewhere after episode 50. 50, Fight for Life, is technically the last official Jaguar release (though not last in order of part number), so I figured if I was going to have anything at that big base10 milestone, it might as well be historically notable.

There aren't many dates in there, either, because family schedules trump the podcast schedule. I will, though, try to provide dates for at least one episode in advance.

Enough caveats and qualifications, here's the doc: The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast Schedule

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