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Mr. Ultra



So I decided to retry making a Game Gear game. Since random numbers are hard and I can't quite do them, I needed a game idea that didn't involve them. So I thought. Why not a platform game, like Mario or something? That doesn't involve random numbers. So I tried working on a Game Gear game again. I had trouble. For nearly three hours I fought with the thing until I got it working correctly. After that, I tweaked it a little more until this came up:
Success! This is just the title screen showing Mr. Ultra. The first level will be the Funky Forest, with lots of trees. The boss will be Mr. Ape. And, if I ever get to it, the second level will be Mt. Billy, a snow level with lots of snow. Its boss will be Ethel, a tree growing off of Billy's shoulder (like the Frank Zappa song). So what I plan to do is add some holes to jump over in the Funky Forest, as well as a few enemies to jump over. But first I need to add some clouds to the title screen so it looks like he's walking. And when the player presses Start, Mr. Ultra will move to the right off the screen and the game will begin.
Why am I doing this? Because there is next to no Game Gear homebrews, at least on the SMS Power! website. Is there some other website that might have some Game Gear homebrews on it? My two Game Gear games I ordered just came from the Goat Store. I had to clean them first, but they work now. And the next time I have a lot of money, I need to get a Game Gear Everdrive since my Master Everdrive doesn't do Game Gear games. I still love my Game Gear, and I still love how it shows color. Even though I can't do fancy colors, it's still better than a boring black and white Game Boy. I know there's a GBC, I have some games for it, but the Game Gear has a sort of underdog charm to it.

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