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Superhero Man - level 3

So I worked on level 3 today. Got it working. I went back and fixed a bug pertaining to level 2. Well, not really a bug, but it was something I noticed while replaying the game. Superhero Man's legs and feet were kind of wonky. So I decided to fix them. His legs no longer stop moving when he stops walking. They both are on the ground, so he's standing. Same here for the raisin room.   Next is level 4: The grocery store. Superhero Man needs to find the bar


atari2600land in Game Boy working

Superhero Man!

One of the things I didn't like about working on "Ran-Over Possum Man" was the name. So I tried long and hard to think of another superhero name. Then it hit me. Most every superhero has the "man" suffix: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman. So why not just say he's Superhero Man? So that's what I am doing. This involved changing all instances of "Ran-Over Possum Man" to his new name. Even the Super Game Boy border. When that was done, I tried to make a new level. But I couldn't make the stup


atari2600land in Game Boy working

Ugly Uppity Umpire - level 24

It is not the "Uppity Ugly Umpire," it is the "Ugly Uppity Umpire." I made level 24 today. Solving it proved very difficult, but doable. Making it solvable was also hard. The key was to slow the underwear down. But it still is difficult because the ghost is chasing you as well. I don't think I'm going to be able to make 100 different levels all by myself. So the new plan is 50. So I'm about half-way done with the game. I also worked some more on the Celery program for Channel F, f

Uppity Ugly Umpire - level 23

I worked a lot on UUU these past few days. Saturday especially. What I was mainly doing was making the code more efficient. I put in some functions instead of switch statements. The game works exactly the same as before, but the code is much more efficient. I made a couple more levels for the game. The big challenge in programming this was trying to make the underwear enemy in the middle move diagonally. But I eventually did it.   Steve left. And my new razor came. It doesn't

Uppity Ugly Umpire - level 21

I think this is the hardest level yet. The ghosts move around in a square pattern. This was the hardest part: making sure they do. I had to check boundaries over and over again and make sure they weren't being crossed. And then I had to make sure the level was solvable. I eventually found a way to solve it, but it did take a while. That's why I said it may be the hardest level yet.   I worked on it because I was fat and I was trying to get my mind off eating and the fact that

Head in the clouds (part 2)

I was experimenting with clouds some more. I got this: The only downside is the insects got bigger. I sort of like the clouds. They're much better than the rectangle ones I made yesterday. So I modified some more stuff, mainly sprite borders, to make sure the game works like it did before. But with bigger insects. While bigger flies means better chance of swatting them, the flip side is you also need to avoid the bigger stinging bugs.   I'm at the point where I think I can mo

Head in the clouds

I thought to myself "What my fly swatting game needs is clouds." So I spent the last few hours not expecting to get anything done, but lo and behold, I actually got it working. I don't know if I'll keep them in the game or not since they're kind of square looking. But I did try to make the smaller clouds behind seem farther away than the clouds in front. Most of the time was spent trying to figure out how to not make the sprites not stretched out when they approach the clouds. But

flies version 8

Just doing some finishing up on the game before the big heat kicks in. I fixed a couple more things and changed the score. I've decided I don't want to name the game "flies" any more. So I'm trying to think of a better name for it. "Swat Those Flies!" "Swat Team" (but there's only one swatter.) "Swat or Not?" "Pickle People From New Zealand" I tried version 7 on a real Atari 2600 and since all I changed were values for version 8 (shown), it should work j

Version 5 of flies

So last night I gave up. But then I thought "The game looks so easy, so why is making it so hard?!" I think the answer is when I wake up in the morning and look at code with fresh eyes, I can see stuff. Then as the day progresses, my eyes and brain turn to mush until it's around midnight working and not really understanding what I'm doing. Yesterday after my food was delivered, I went to sleep. That was around 11 a.m. I woke up at around 4 a.m. I was really sleepy.   We're expecting a


I decided Flies is a good enough concept to stand on its own, so I've decided to move it to its own game instead of making it part of Going Bananas. The bananas are still on the screen. I've moved the setting from inside a house to outside on the grass. plans: The fruit fly will stay eating the banana and, if you have any points, you'll lose them for each second you don't swat him for eating a banana. There will be bonus points. They will start out at 9 points, and then mo

Going Bananas update

I decided on the third game for this. I am going to attempt to put in a fly swatting game. After putting in the code to display the game and sprites, I have about 600 bytes left. So I will try to put that in 600 bytes. I first drew a table with a banana on it, but then I decided I couldn't do that because I also needed to put in the sprites as well. After I attempted to put the sprites in, I was left with this: The plan: So the flies are fruit flies and they move around randomly (like

1/5 done

I would like to make Ugly Uppity Umpires have 100 levels. I don't know if I will actually think of that many level designs, but if I do, I'm 1/5 of the way there. This level was an experiment with the number of sprites I could display on the screen at once. There are 11 here (Ulysses is made up of four sprites.)   I haven't gotten much sleep these past few days. I guess it's due to me wanting to stay awake being active with my various projects. I went and worked on my 2600 ga

Getting harder...

I worked for a few hours designing level 19 so it could be possible to be beaten. I moved various blocks around, toyed with the various umbrella placements, until I got this: Most of the reason why I spent so much time on this is because the ghost in the lower lefthand corner follows you. To beat the level, first get the umbrella in the upper right, then go down and lure the ghost to the right a little while the underwear is up near the top of the screen. Then get the umbrella in the h

yet another new return of the Ugly Uppity Umpire

I was super bored last night. So I began working on my Game Boy game. Not the Ran-Over Possum Man one, but the other one. I made three new levels, two of which are really easy. I guess the third one is really easy too, but it takes longer.     I think I quit working on this because I was frustrated with designing levels. But now that I've had a few months off, I can refresh my brain and think up of more. I still think I did an excellent job drawing the underwear. So now what I'll

Art imitating life.

It's hot in my room compared to the rest of the house. I call my room "the oven." I decided that since I'd need a battery save for the VB game I was planning and I don't know how to do that, I'd just as well quit working on it. So I did. I don't know if a password would do well since I'd need to keep track of the health. I did that in Frank the Fruit Fly for the Pokemon Mini, but the passwords are easy to figure out in it.   So I thought I'd make some comics since I was behind on them.

Hearing red: Goshzilla

So I got the .wav to VB thing working and now I can put sounds in it. I also put a few things in last night. I also took my HyperFlash32 for a spin, it still works, but I've been having issues with it. My program works. Now I just need to find a use for it! Did anyone ever do that? This either?   In the Virtual Boy version of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland, I put in an auto pause function. About the sound: It's no longer beeps and boops, it sounds like

Seeing red: Goshzilla

So I got bored.   I'm really hot, so I probably won't sit in front of the computer much since it's hot in my room. I hate spring and summer. It's too hot. It's 76 degrees right now, so I'm not really in the mood to work for long periods of time like I do when it's colder.

Eating a raw potato

Hash browns. I like hash browns. So I thought I'd get some. That turned out to be a big mistake.   Another mistake was putting it in the freezer when it said "Keep refrigerated." After about 20 minutes of trying to thaw, I just put them in the microwave. I looked at the instructions. It said to fry in a skillet. I'm not gonna do that! So I got it hot and took it out and took a bite. It was terrible.   Not one to waste money, I kept eating. I added salt. It was like eating a r

Ho ho holiday Trivia

So I put a little wreath and candy cane on the label of the Quiz Wiz Christmas version, but I fear I may have to take them off because they shrink when I put the image to "print size" in Photoshop. I had two more sessions of question thinking up. I am now at 63 questions, so I'm now 6% completed. This is going to be as hard as I thought. I struggled, even with the help of a Christmas trivia book. Even with including Thanksgiving questions. Please help me. I think I may have to quit this ove

Christmas is never too far away...

It's April, almost May. I got to thinking about Quiz Wiz again. I thought about what hadn't been done as a Quiz Wiz category before. There had been so many. Dinosaurs, Sports trivia (which I suck at), Comics, even Mythology. In all, 60 different Quiz Wiz cartridges have been made between 1993-97. But there was one glaring omission. There is no special Christmas cartridge! No cartridge which you can play your Quiz Wiz in a blanket by the fireplace with the Christmas tree and lights plugged in and

Ran-over Possum Man (part 4)

Today I spent all day trying to get the walls to activate so Ran-over Possum Man couldn't go through them. I spent almost 8 hours on this stupid puzzle. So then I go to the NES Stupidman code to see just how I did it. After attempting to look through GoSub and Frank the Fruit Fly code trying to do the same thing. Then, at about 1:45 p.m., 20 minutes ago, I found the solution. I decided to put some pictures on the walls, because it's a museum after all. So I'll quit work for today becau

Ran-over Possum Man (part 3)

Worked on this again today. Discovered I need to put in multiple copies of the same song in different banks to use it in different banks. I guess it's okay since it's not a very long song, but it seems kind of wasteful of space. Yes, I know I spelled "museum" wrong. I fixed that. This is the intro to level 2. The password for level 2 is "ABBABABB." Like I said, you use the A and B buttons to enter passwords. I wish I could make it so the game goes back to the title screen when it'

Ran-over Possum Man! (part 2)

I've been working on Ran-Over Possum Man some more.   I got passwords working. This will be a password game. So because of this, it won't have a score. It will be one of my "get to the end to beat it" video games. People seemed to buy Jack and the Beanstalk for the Odyssey², so I guess that's okay.   I also got the intro to level 1 finished. Bank 1 will have level 1 and the level intro screen. I think there should be more than enough room to put level 1 in. The plot is the sa

Ran-over Possum Man!

Batman has the powers of a bat. Spider-Man has the powers of a spider. Even Superman has super powers. But what does Ran-over Possum Man have? Why, the powers of a ran-over possum, of course! I wanted to restart Stupidman, but this time do it on the Game Boy even though I never finished the NES version because my NES graphics stink big time. Seems kind of odd though that I want to restart the game on a console that uses 4 colors.   So I went to work on Ran-over Possum Man this morning.

Leaves of Grass

So I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly, trying to get a better Super Game Boy border in. I eventually did. So then I played it. I ran into a couple more bugs that needed fixing. So I fixed them. I put more realistic grass in. I used the same grass I put in The Ants cover. I saw that grass on that cover and thought "That looks like it could go in Frank the Fruit Fly's Super Game Boy border." I thought it would look better. Although I sadly had to get rid of the clouds, I think it looks a lo
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