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Chris's Casino update.

So I had this crazy idea. I wanted to see if I could make the game save the total amount of money you have. I worked and worked for hours on end and I finally got it done. But then I discovered an unrelated bug that made the keno game freeze. So then I had to work on that. If I didn't fix it, then it's luck that it hasn't shown up so far. I must have played 20 rounds of keno and it never froze. In order for this to work, the cartridge needs a battery. My Hyper Flash 32 has a battery, so whenever


atari2600land in Virtual Boy

Frank the Fruit Fly stuff

So I made up a manual, a box, and a cartridge label for Frank the Fruit Fly. We may do a small run of about 10 and see how that goes. But that's a long way off. A few days ago, I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly 2. I made a monkey that throws poo at you. Down if you're below it and up if you're above it. Doing this I learned that monkeys are hard to draw. So remember that the next time you're playing an "inferior", non-Coleco version of Donkey Kong and see the burnt gingerbread man up at

Salem is not Portland

I hate it here.   I just discovered my groceries were being delivered from some store location in Portland. For those who don't know, Portland is about 60 miles north of where I live. When I signed up, apparently they must have read my location as "Oh, Salem's close to Portland, so we'll just use Portland." WRONG. There are three store locations here in Salem. Why do that? I already have to watch local news from Portland since nobody wants to put (actually) local news on our 1 independ

Entry #5,000!

So here it is. The 5,000th entry of my blog. I started this blog in 2006 when I was 18 years younger. Time sure really flies by.   What's new? The high temperature has been hotter than 100° for the fourth day in a row now. We're "supposed" to have one more day of this before it "cools down" into the 90s. I went for a walk and I had to because I don't want to walk when it's dark outside and the middle of the night. It was 95 at about 8:30 p.m. when I went. But I got home.  

100°+ degree weather - day 2

I'd like to give whoever invented air conditioners a nice big hug.  Today it reached 103 for the second time. It's 90 now and a little after 8p.m.   Bored out of my mind, I went through garbage on my computer - various projects I never completed (it's like a landfill) when I came across some music. I think I'll make more. What I did was put together a whole bunch of different instruments and sounds to create a good-sounding (hopefully) albeit short song.   I tried putting app

Metal comics

So I decided to quit trying to freeze the stupid skin tag off because it's not working. I started this stuff about a week ago and I've used it every day. Mom saw something online about apple cider vinegar bandages to put on one's eyelid. So I'll try that. Even though it's not on my eyelid, it's directly under my eye, where the undereye bags are. Now you know how ugly I am.   Insomnia got me last night. Second night in a row. At around midnight, I thought perhaps it's not really insomni

Seeing Frank better.

So I tried out Frank the Fruit Fly 2 on my Game Boy Pocket, just to see what it looks like on it. Apparently Frank turns invisible when he's on a dark gray surface. So I had to change screen 1. Fortunately that was the only thing I needed to change. before  after I also made the screen fade out and back in again. That took a lot of work to do and I eventually had to get some help with it and make it work good. Apparently bgb, the emulator I was using, makes dark gray too light. I trie

Boring antics

So I have this skin tag under my eye. I got some skin tag remover to try and freeze it off. I used it this morning for the second time and nothing happened. It's still there, hanging on. Whenever I use that stuff the skin tag begins hurting. So perhaps it's not really a skin tag, even though my doctor said that's what it was? It tells you not to use it on your face, but I have to because that's where it is and it's kind of disgusting to look at so I'd much prefer it not be there.   Sin

Game Gear screen

There's something wrong with my Game Gear screen. It displays some screens just fine, the contrast wheel works okay. But on some screens, it's just well, weird. Take this screen: This is an emulator. But if I put this on my Game Gear, there's streaking vertical lines all across the sky, like it takes what's in the center of the screen and stretches it there. I've tried various sky colors but they all display that result. I redid the cave level to try and minimize my stupid Game Gear e

Bugs amok

So I had been working on my Game Gear game. It seemed like once I fixed a bug, another one popped up. One of the more notable ones was this one that made the screen almost black. But I think I fixed it all. One of the things I wanted to do was to make the "pow" visible after you hit the fiftieth enemy. I thought "Why risk it?" But then I thought if something goes wrong I can just go back to the previous version. But I think I fixed that as well, too. So now I'm up to version 116 of Fl

Seeing red

This just started happening a few days ago. When I wake up sometimes, everything I see as I lay there has a reddish tint to it. The walls look red to me. And then it goes away after a few minutes or so. I don't know if it's the sky being red (I wake up near sunrise), or if it's some medical condition. I guess this replaced me seeing the veins in my eyes when I wake up for a few minutes.   As it turned out, I found a bug in my Game Gear game. Since I had the dead enemies as shaketype 5,

I fixed my Game Gear game.

So I decided to try to fix my Game Gear game. I found 2 instances where I put in the wrong variables. I added a few other things, and lo and behold, I think I finally got it actually working! Now that I got it working, I think it's finished. There really isn't much more to do here. If I put in more enemies, the Game Gear will definitely show it isn't capable of having more than ten sprites in a row. Someone suggested I put in more enemies, but I think adding just one is enough. Next step: t

A new game.com project.

So I bought an Arduino-type thing for this game.com project. I don't know what an Arduino is, but it was only about $20 or so. So when it comes, I'd need to test it to make sure it works. So what can I do with one of these things to test it and make sure it works in the meantime before my project stuff comes to me I'm guessing in a few months?   What is an Arduino anyway? I mean, what does it do? Is it a multi-purpose machine so you can do what it tells you to do? I'm really new to thi


I decided Keno was too winnable. So I made it so you can now pick a number between 1-80 (instead of 1-50).   I think I fixed a bug where the game freezes if you stay on the menu screen too long. I don't know why it was happening, and I don't know why my solution stopped it, though. I just happened to notice it.   I don't think I'll implement the warning screens any more because people would just ignore them anyway. Although it was an interesting programming exercise in Hambur

Side tracked

I decided to work some more on my Casino game. Right now I'm working on implementing (or trying to anyway) a simplified version of keno. In the original game you pick 20 numbers, I slashed that in half, and usually it's between 1-80, and in mine I'm making it 1-50. Right now you can pick the numbers, and the computer gives 10 numbers. What's left is to figure out code for identifying matches and winnings. So the game is like the lottery in a way. Not really a very winnable game, so I

Virtual Nosehair Cutting (part 2)

Worked some more on the game earlier today. I went to sleep at about 4 a.m. and woke up at about 7 p.m. So I slept all day. Here is what the game looks like now: I've yet to add the nosehair demon. I had a very hard time making the score decrease from 100 to 99. But eventually I did it. Next up is adding the nosehair demon.   I got an SNES mouse in the mail yesterday. Mario Paint is fun. Makes me want to buy more mouse-compatible mouse games for the SNES.

Virtual Nosehair Cutting

I saw my Virtual Boy on my desk. It's been there since the last time I was working on Virtual Boy programming. It was staring at me. I don't know what it wanted. So I resumed work on my "Minigame Mayhem" game I had been working on it.   The last time we left off on this, I had just finished the tenth game out of 12. So I began work on a new minigame for it. Going through my files, it looked like I tried to bring the nosehair game to the VB before. But I decided to start anew. I got the

Am I geting old?

I'm in my early 40s. Just saying that makes me feel so old. But lately I have been having a hard time understanding people. I hear them okay, but I just can't comprehend what they say. Is it because I'm getting old, or is it just people being dumb and just assume you'll automatically understand everything they say. This mostly happens on the internet. Like I'm reading comments to stuff I post, what I say, and I just don't get what they're saying. I haven't always had this problem. It's just like

7800 fixing

I just had a huge ado. So I wanted to untangle the 7800's power wire from my chair and the rest of the wires. When that was done, I plugged in my 7800 and turned it on. I couldn't. So then I remembered I had a second 7800 with some sort of problem. There was some sticky, round thing in the cartridge slot. So I thought since I had nothing else better to do, then to try to get it out. Armed with a pair of tweezers, I couldn't get a grip on it. So I used a scissor from a pair of scissors. And lo an

Do snakes eat flies? (part 3)

Since I don't have an idea for the fourth screen, I made the snake in the third screen look better. It now goes left from off the screen instead of magically appearing in a different y position on the right side of the screen. It's not a hard screen to get past, but it's something. I'm having a hard time thinking up ideas for this game.   I had insomnia last night. I didn't get to sleep until after 1 a.m. I kept thinking about stuff I wanted to get up and do. I was also tryi

Do snakes eat flies? (part 2)

The snake wasn't long enough. So I decided to add a tongue to it. In yesterday's blog I explained how the Game Boy could only display 10 sprites per row. So I had to do some clever programming, like making the tongue just slightly below the snake so it starts a new count of 10 sprites per row, to do that. It looks better when it's moving. I also made the snake better animated so it looks a lot better than it did. Now I have 60% of bank 1 (storage of level 1 stuff) free. It doesn't hav

Do snakes eat flies?

If they don't, this one definitely does. I've been wanting to make something with a snake in the jungle. So I thought of something. There's this snake and he lunges out at various random y points. Not too far since the maximum amount of sprites that can be on a line is 10. I tried to make the snake longer and forgot this and was wondering why it wasn't showing the longer snake. The point is to get Frank across without the field without getting bit by the snake. Time for dinner. I

Game Boy>Playstation.

If only there was a way to release/play homebrew Playstation games on a real Playstation. About 9 years ago, I dabbled in PSX homebrew but gave up once I reached 2 conditions: 1.) Nobody will get to play my game on a real PSX and 2.) my computer died so I lost everything.   Since then I learned about SD cards and I've backed up the most important things (things I'm working on) on them.   Today got me back to Game Boy programming. I've discovered a way to reduce the loudness o

June 3 demo.

I compiled a special demo version of Frank the Fruit Fly 2. If you beat the second screen, the game resets since that's all I have so far. I am really having trouble trying to think of stuff for Frank to do in this game.   On the third day of each month, I usually post a YouTube poop I made. This month is no different. Hear Wilford Brimley talk about strange and unfamiliar ice cream on my YouTube page.

The webs

I've been working on Frank the Fruit Fly 2 some more. I must have spent at least 3 hours or more trying to figure out how to transfer Frank's onscreen position to a square on the grid screen for a sort of collision detection. I also fixed some more bugs pertaining to death and what happens once you reach it. There sure are a lot of spiders in this particular Cambodian jungle. I am so sleepy I could go to sleep. I need to quit yawning so much and the only way to do that is sleep. If I
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