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Giant Space Creature May Be Heading for Earth

Random Terrain


Someone mentioned Google Sky, so I thought I'd check it out. I started randomly clicking and zooming in on things and found a giant space creature:

Giant Space Creature at Google Sky

Now that it knows we've seen it, the creature might arrive just in time for Christmas and swallow the entire Earth. If it doesn't have teeth, we might survive without a scratch, but the planet would probably stop spinning and gravity might get all wacky. Good luck getting any presents from SantaJebus if that happens. You might want to invest in rope and heavy shoes if you don't want to go flying off into the creature's space


And I don't want to know what will happen when this gigantic space dragon completely emerges from its cocoon:

Gigantic Space Dragon Slowly Emerging From Its Cocoon at Google Sky

I bet you thought things couldn't get worse. Wrong! We'll also have to deal with humongous angry space nipples and a furious gargantuan demonic parrot head:

Humongous Angry Space Nipples and a Furious Gargantuan Demonic Parrot Head at Google Sky

Random Terrain
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