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Nice HDMI Switcher With Remote Control

Random Terrain


My Samsung HDTV only has two HDMI ports, but I need to plug in three things, so I searched Amazon for HDMI splitters and found out that they are called switchers. The Zettaguard HDMI switcher looked like one of the best ones that Amazon had for an affordable price, so I bought it. The image below shows one switcher on top of another so you can see the front and back (only one comes in the box).



You can turn on the picture-in-picture, but it's basically useless for live TV in the corner while you watch something else. You'll see some movement, then it freezes, movement, freeze, movement, freeze, and it continues like that. The jerkiness is distracting, so I leave it off. I think it's mostly for people who can't remember which button to press and need to see what each device is displaying.

I didn't buy it for the picture-in-picture. I bought it so I can have my Amazon Fire Stick, Blu-ray player, and cable TV plugged in and easily switch between them. The lights on the front are bright, but not too bright. If it starts to bug me, I'll put some invisible tape over the lights to make them dimmer.

Random Terrain






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