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Dice obtained



Here's a little bit more info on my Odyssey game I am making. It needs a red die and and blue die. Well, they really could be any color, but I wanted red and blue. I guess since they're primary colors, I don't know. I found some and I ordered them and they're on their way. I think I'll go to the office supply store and see what kind of paper they have that can be thin enough for a printer, yet thick enough for my liking. I slept all day yesterday. I think because I didn't get much sleep the day before. I woke up and found a package. In the package was Odyssey 2 version of Spiderman. Man this game is really hard! I played the stupid thing for 45 minutes and only got to the second level once. This is why I make games, I guess: I find the ones others make really impossible hard. I am still turning my computer off and unplugging it and plugging it back in and turning it on again if it went into sleep mode and I want to wake it up. It sucks.


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