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Burn those vegetarians!



So I decided to put in some noise and collision detection for the Celery game. I figured that AUDV0, C0, and F0 were things to write values to, like in bB. I was correct. It only took a little tweaking to make the sound play like I wanted it to. And the collision detection works out nicely. I even added the beginnings of a score code. I made a new variable called score and made it increase by 1 if there was a hit. I'm assuming displaying a score will be the hardest part of making the whole game. Next is randomness and how to figure that out. And then after that will be making them run faster as time goes on, and then the score (after a little break of course, I'm kind of burned out. I want to at least have the randomness done before I take a break on this game.)


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