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Steroids to the Rescue!

Random Terrain


Continued from my previous blog entry. My mom chose to do the short version of radiation instead of dragging it out for six weeks or whatever it usually is. It would have only taken two weeks, but the Thanksgiving holiday caused the days to be stretched out into a third week. She also took a chemotherapy pill called Temozolomide the night before each radiation treatment.

My mom was taking a steroid pill called Dexamethasone two times a day, but she eventually had to cut that down to half a pill a day since the horrible swelling everywhere was causing new holes to bust open in her leg. The doctor said she could stop taking steroids after the last day of radiation. Big mistake. She slowly started to get worse. We thought she was just tired from the radiation and chemo pills, but no steroid pill meant nothing was combating the swelling in her brain. She eventually forgot how to walk with a cane and could barely walk a few feet without needing to sit down. She also forgot how to use a spoon with her right hand. She went from talking in semi-full sentences to only being lucky if she could say two words in a row. We put her back on a half a steroid pill a day about 4 days ago and she's been slowly improving. Now she can make it all the way to the bathroom without sitting down to rest on the way there. She still can't quite use a spoon with her right hand yet, so it's good that she can use her left hand with no problems until the other hand is working correctly again.

Random Terrain
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