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Flying Toasters

Rhindle the Dragon



I wanted to take today's entry to talk about the importance of speculation in our society.

I'm not one to get overly upset about other people's opinions, but honestly, what's the point in believing in nothing? When did theorizing go out the window?

Does extraterrestrial intelligence exist? It's possible. Does the afterlife exist? Again, it's possible.

"Possible" and "Probable" are two very different things. Stuff exists that hasn't been discovered yet, and I think people need to get this into their heads. Dark matter and quarks didn't suddenly spring into existence once they were discovered; they were under our noses the entire time.


My generation is too quick to dismiss things, but I happen to believe in a race of flying toasters living on the planet Kardraffta in the Andromeda galaxy.

They go about their daily lives, maintaining their infrastructure and fostering open thought at a much higher rate than humans do. And that's not saying much.



"Yes son?"

"...Are we alone?"

"I'm with you. And you always have your toast."

"No... I mean in the universe."

"Appliances somewhere other than Kardraffta? What a silly concept!"


We should make it a point to think differently, beyond the Apple slogan. There's meaning in life, waiting patiently to be found.

If you want to believe in the flying toasters, go right ahead. But please... believe in something.



(All photographs on this blog were taken by me unless otherwise noted.)


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