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The 100 TV Show (Spoilers)

Random Terrain


I'm up to episode 5 of season 3 and it feels like they changed writers at some point. The first season seemed to show that the "Grounders" were territorial rabid dogs who would kill you just because you existed. Then the Grounders got angry in season 2 because a kid from space killed a bunch of them in a village. Grounders were shown to be murderous scumbags who would kill anyone for any reason and now they suddenly had the nerve to whine when somebody did the same to them? None of them are innocent. Even their babies will eventually be taught to murder the truly innocent, so kill them all and do it with a smile.

By season 3, there seem to be Grounder merchants pulling carts through the woods along pretty dirt roads as if the Grounders have always had a civilized society. The Grounders magically switched from murderous rabid dogs to sensitive tribal people who are only interested in law and justice. I'm guessing season 4 reveals that the Grounders are really glitter-farting unicorns who live in cities made of pure gold and cotton candy.

Random Terrain
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