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Revised station cores




Nathan's revised the cores to be more solid and uniform between the horizontal and vertical stations. We've also changed it so the core will color cycle (provided it's being drawn by the ball).

I've revised the enemy missiles. Each level (kids, easy, etc) starts at a different speed, and they speed up as you progress through the sectors. Additionally, they don't turn as fast as before.

Cosmo mine explosions now take out enemy missiles.


For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.0-pre8 or newer)




Please reference Rules of the Game for what's been implemented and what's to come.

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Is it possible to have a Round indicator like the arcade? After a few levels I forget which one I'm on unless I keep score with a pencil and paper.


Maybe a number? Or maybe just a series of dots, one for each level cleared?

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LOL - yeah, that's a bit too fast. Game gets too difficult too early as well, so I need to rethink how the speed ramp-up is done. Tricky part is getting it so that on level 1 the missiles are slightly slower than the ship, but on level 2 they're slightly faster (for Level = Normal).


I was thinking about a sector display while play testing last night. I can't use more vertical space as screen jitter's returned on B-8. I've come up with 2 ideas but haven't looked into either one yet:

  • use the formation indicator for sector # when a formation is not attacking
  • show sector # in the corner of the gameplay area.
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The sector number only needs to appear at the beginning of a wave (during "Blast Off"), and after a game is over. So it could just use the score display. Briefly at the start of a wave, and alternating with the player's score during Demo mode.


I don't know if the level select menu is going to be part of the final game, or is just there for testing. If the former, it would be nice if you could hold down fire while moving left/right to skip 10 levels at a time, if the latter, we should consider adding a "Continue?" message, as in the arcade game.

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Alternating the score with SECTOR ### sounds like a winner to me!


Was leaning towards leaving the level menu option in place, as opposed to making it an easter egg and adding continue logic. I think the ROM needed for that would be better allocated to the samples.


fire + left/right now skips by 10.

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