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My Thoughts on Panhandlers: How to Find Those Really in Need?



So I am curious about those that stand out in 100 degree heat and direct sunlight asking for money/help. Is that part of the pity act? How do we really know who to help and who is just a conman?

Context: I came across a man outside a store asking for money to buy food at a Jack-In-The-Box that was nearby. I said meet me there and I'll buy you a meal. He asked if I could bring him back some food. I was in a good mood so I humored him. I brought him back some tacos and a $1 drink of tea... and a source of even more food.. an application! He took the food and drink, said "fuck that" to the application and walked away. I said "Hey you will have food and you will be in air conditioning." I did all that mainly to prove a point to myself: **They are all cons**.

And this is basically where I stood on it, but a friend of mine that goes by the name Malran had this to say...




I used to work at a little office machine store that was on a main street in a small Alabama town. We would get guys coming in all the time asking for a handout. Our owner would offer to tale them to the local grocery store and buy them anything they wanted that wasn't beer. He had never got anyone to agree.


One day, a middle aged guy came in and asked if he could help us clean, sweep the sidewalk or whatever for a few bucks so he could buy his kids some dinner. My boss did hid usual speil thinking he would get the same result. The guy started crying.


He accepted and was very thankful. He only bought a fee things, bread, bologna, some juice and we drove him to a little run down place not far from our work. The boss offered him a job then and there and he took it. The boss also took him, his kids and his wife out for dinner then stocked their kitchen for them too.


People who need help will will usually offer to do something in return. Those who don't aren't worth my time.

Excellent story and good motto to go by in this case.

So in summary, if someone is actually willing to work, willing to give, willing to trade, that is how you know a truly legit person to help.

The rest are just simply those asking for or thinking they are entitled to a hand out.

-Doctor Clu

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