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I Thought I Was Having a Mild Heart Attack on Monday

Random Terrain


Around noon on Monday (July 17, 2017) I thought I was having a mild heart attack. I had been having slight pressure in the middle of my chest for days and it would usually go away if I rubbed the area, so I thought it was just a strained muscle. This time the pressure wasn't going away, my whole right arm was tingling all the way up into my fingers, I was dizzy enough that I felt like I wanted to faint or something, and I was having a hard time breathing, so I called 911.

They couldn't see anything wrong with my heart, but they put me in the ambulance and took me to the hospital anyway since the hospital has better equipment. After many hours went by with an X-ray in there somewhere, the doctors decided to keep me there for 24 hours. They gave me a chemical stress test the next day. That was pretty horrible, but at least it didn't last too long. It felt like I couldn't breathe, then it felt like I was going to have a heart attack, then I felt it in my head, then it made me feel like I was going to blast a bountiful booty bouquet. No gaseous occurrences happened, though.

After that, they scanned my chest area while I had some kind of nuclear material in my veins. All tests showed no problems and no clogs. They did say that I sometimes have premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), but it's nothing to worry about. I got to go home late Tuesday afternoon. Before I left, an advocate from my family doctor told me that gallbladder problems can cause false heart attack symptoms, so I asked the doctor there about it and she said I could stay longer and get checked out or have my family doctor do it. I chose to go home.

The chest pressure came back sometime on Wednesday and things were getting worse on Thursday, so I called my family doctor's office and got an appointment that day to see a physician's assistant instead of waiting a week to see my usual doctor. They took blood and made an appointment for another place to do an ultrasound to see if my gallbladder was messed up. I found out the next day that I couldn't get the ultrasound until five days later.

I started having symptoms on Saturday morning that were the same as the ones I had on Monday, but this time both arms were tingling, my elbows hurt, and my jaw felt weird. I FaceTimed my sister and she said that I should call 911 again.

After another ambulance ride, I got more X-rays, an ultrasound, and a CT scan. The doctor came in the room with good news about my gallbladder, but he had a bit of bad news too. I have slight pancreatitis.

Ow! My pancreas!


They told me to stop eating fatty foods and sent me home. A fat-free diet is kind of hard for me to do since I don't eat vegetables (I became allergic to raw tomatoes) and about the only fruits I can eat are oranges and grapes that usually cost about a billion dollars a bag. I wonder if it's possible to live on nothing but fat-free cherry Haribo gummy bears? I can buy bags of those from the dollar store. :D

Random Terrain
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