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Family Guy is one one sci-fi/fantasy/comic book universe I would eliminate



Like many times, this thought was inspired by a conversation on Facebook.

Friend #1
Time for a debate. If you could eliminate one sci-fi / fantasy / Comic book universe from fandom in general which one would it be and why?


Friend #2
Family Guy. The humor is shock for shock's sake, it promotes abuse on women (Meg), it turns literally anything into a cliche, and it's only around because Seth MacFarlane had a hangover which caused him to miss his flight on 9/11.

Friend #3
Plus they're really problematic on LGBT issues

Friend #4
Agreed. It runs it's course and stops being entertaining.

My thoughts:
I haven't watched the show for five years.

I liked the show at first. After a while I would watch through painful humor for one of two good laughs. About March 2011 they released the episode "Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair" where evil Stewie cuts a woman in half. After that I was like "Done!" I didn't watch it for almost two years after that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5reFMrtytTk

What was ironic, I actually gave the show another chance in 2012 while in Kuwait and Family Guy was on in the MWR recreation center. They had an episode with a cat, and I missed my cat. So naturally when Peter kills the cat I regretted the time wasted on the show and was REALLY done after that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT40KQiJEFk

The above two were the two I had issue with. Other people have had issues with other occurrences in the show such as those listed by friends 2-4 above. believe in freedom of speech and not advocating the cancellation of Family Guy, but I will say other shows were cancelled for much less.

-Doctor Clu


Recommended Comments

"it's only around because Seth MacFarlane had a hangover which caused him to miss his flight on 9/11."


Ouch. But funny. Probably true as well.


I don't really watch television anymore, because we don't get OTA broadcasts here in the valley of southern AZ, but also because there's too much shit going on in the world, and if I had to dwell on it, I'd probably get an ulcer. But yeah, Family Guy started wearing out its welcome for me in the late 2000s, when the jokes got increasingly flaccid and the spin-offs got more frequent. American Dad was already pushing it, but did we really need a Cleveland Show, too? (Answer: no.)


If I were to pinpoint a moment when Family Guy lost its way and seemed unredeemable, it was either when Pe-turd shot his friend in the eye with a pellet gun for his amusement, or when he and his dumb friends planned an animated series called "Handi-Quacks." Yeah, that'll show those handicapped people for, uh, existing. And if people complain, we can just say that they're being too sensitive... never mind the fact that all the jokes were so forced as to sound like a cry for help. All I heard was "Please, PLEASE. We don't want to do this anymore. We've been locked in a room and FOX won't let us out until we've finished writing this season's scripts."


Now McFarlane is doing his own science-fiction comedy, because lord knows he doesn't have enough damn shows already. Give it a rest.

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