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Logo downsized




To free up some space for the samples, the logo's been reverted back to a 48 pixel image. Replacing the image alone freed up 876 bytes. The logic and kernel to show 96 pixels was removed for another 714, for a total of 1590 bytes. I also ran the image data through Thomas' DOOD for a savings of 313 bytes.

Besides saving some ROM, this freed up vertical space on the menu to add the much requested Last Score display as well as a High Score. If you change an option, other than TV-TYPE, these will reset to 0.

Free space was used to put in new samples from iesposta for Spy Ship Sighted and Condition Red. I'm aware of an issue where the Red Alert scenario is sometimes triggered after just 1 pass of the spy ship instead of 2 (on Normal).

For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)


Please reference Rules of the Game for what's been implemented and what's to come.

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I am amazed how much rom was reclaimed by this. I am sorry the logo didn't pan out. It didn't display well on my TV as you know, but it still was a beautiful logo.


If you needed a couple more pixels (to make a 50 pixel display) you could move M0 one pixel left and M1 one pixel right. The left and right edges have no GRPx masking so it's a freebie. You just have to move the Missiles back for the menu display after, but it still takes very few bytes to do this.

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From too easy to too hard.

Maybe make the Spy Ship slower? Because once it's off-screen and you're in Condition Red, forget about it!

There's so many craft coming from all directions, you're lucky to get 1 more station -- if that.

Sometimes I hear Spy Ship Sighted, and don't even see the Spy Ship, and then you're in Condition Red.


Everything else is amazing, by the way.



Make this louder. I kept it quiet because the original is very quiet, but that seems out of place now:


.byte 0, $c5, $05, $c5, $05 ; _06_P_Type

.byte $c5, $05, $c5, $05 ; _06_P_Type
.byte $c5, $05, $c5 ; _06_P_Type
_06_P_Type: EQU * - SoundControlVolume - 1
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I was surprised by that as well. The logo's drawn using the menu loop, so it's actually a 2-color 48 pixel image.


Yeah, it's still "Early support for the spy ship". It's very rough, which is why I've not posted it in the homebrew forum yet. I think the problem you're seeing (or not seeing) is the spy ship's appearing too close to the corner on one edge, and exiting on the adjacent edge right away. I need to rework where it appears, the current logic was cloned from the I & P-Type routine.


Thanks, I'll drop that change in tomorrow.

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It is a shame that you had to drop the large Draconian logo. I wonder if it would have been possible to compress the logo data better (e.g. RLL encoding) and decompress it directly into the 4K display data region, but I guess the 96-pixel kernel would still take a lot of space?


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My original plan was to look into compression, but when I was reviewing memory usage I realized that the 96 pixel kernel & supporting C code used a lot of space as well.


Nathan's worked up a new 2-color logo that adds back the station between the "fangs", I'll get that in place tonight.

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