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Lots of things...



Well it's been a pretty productive week - been busy working on quite a few projects over this period in the end. Things will slow down a bit now as I get back to work but we'll push on.

Tower of Rubble
Haven't done as much as I thought I would have but a very special thanks to @cimmerian for not only featuring Tower of Rubble on the his ZeroPage Homebrew show but also for helping me debug a frame overrun issue when starting the game on hardware (still waiting for my Harmony cart). The code for initialisation and beam processing is now nicely spread across many frames (although I did just see a beam one still exists somewhere :mad:).
Read more: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287107-tower-of-rubble-wip/

VS Code extension for batari Basic
Was having a few issues with Visual bB whilst editing (the source is getting quite big) which were really starting to annoy me so I thought why not! Lets start another thing. So I've created an extension of batari Basic which gives me syntax highlighting, compilation and optional launching of Stella! Also just added a dasm option which does the same so you can compile assembly directly also. Still doing some testing as a I go - finding the odd issue or compilation error I haven't catered for but working nicely. Hope to release soon for the community.
Read more: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287262-visual-studio-code-extension-for-batari-basic/

TIATracker module for batari Basic
So why not just work on 2 things when you can add a 3rd! I saw @Muddyfunster posted on the forum about whether a music sequencer called TIATracker worked for batari Basic. As music a foreign area for me I was intrigued (I need some for Tower of Rubble). After having a play (still learning batari and the joy of assembly) I finally stumbled over a way to incorporate this into batari Basic (mostly automated but some manual editing required). Must say I was pretty happy with myself when I first heard the tune playing. My daughter didn't understand my joy when she came into the office though!
Read more: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287435-tiatracker-module-for-batari-basic/ and about the TIATracker here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250014-tiatracker-a-new-sound-routine-and-sequencer-application


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