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Buck Rogers - Season 2 - Story 6 "The Crystals"



Season 2 - Story 6
"The Crystals"
MEL BLANC is back baby!!! <-- As Twiki's voice
(And the story is good too)

Watching it here recently I was laboring through noting the scenes where Twiki was talking for editing and when I heard Mel Blanc talk as Twiki it was, to quote the OTHER Twiki voice in "Time of the Hawk" ... "I think the sun just came out". Wonderful.

I had gone from feeling sorry for Crichton to liking him, and loved him in this one. Not only his description of the "old moldy data", but also his willingness to admit he was wrong on what he did access. It was also in this episode we establish at last that he is "son" to Twiki, not the other way around. This actually helped give more depth to both characters and their interaction with each other, I thought.


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